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PV inverter shipments are expected to resume growth in the enterprise

In overseas PV market downturn, the government bailout of the strong willingness of four departments jointly announced the aid of financial subsidies, "Golden Sun Demonstration Project", "Solar Roofs" program and other initiatives, strongly promote large-scale application of photovoltaic power generation in the country . PV installed capacity target was identified as 2015 reached 21GW, 2020 amounted to 50GW.

It is worth noting that in 2015 the rooftop photovoltaic plant scale 30GW, 2020 amounted to 25GW. Rata basis according to plan, by 2020 the proportion of rooftop PV installed capacity will account for about half goal, gradually occupy half of the installed photovoltaic industry. According IHSiSuppli's photovoltaic (PV) market tracking reports, because the two solar market stagnation or decrease in tariffs, in 2011 the global PV inverter market fell slightly, but growth in other areas of limited its decline.

PV inverter shipments last year from 2010's 23.6GW down to 23.4GW, a decrease of 1%. At the same time, due to the sharp decline in average selling prices, PV inverter sales last year fell 15 percent to $ 6.1 billion. Last year the price of PV inverters sharp drop of 14%, a drop of 10% is much larger than previously predicted. However, this year the PV inverter shipments are expected to return to growth, expected to rise by 5% to 24.5GW, and continuous expansion over the next three years. While 2012 sales will continue to decline, but the decline will be reduced to only 3%, followed by a return to growth driven by new markets, to 2014 the annual growth rate will rise to around 20%.

Chint Power System Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the development of new energy power converter, inverter and other power electronic product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. The company has an international management and development team. Relying on strong resource background Chint Group, its 27-year heritage of manufacturing experience, focusing on new energy field, to provide customers with solutions for photovoltaic systems design and technical services.

Currently launched CPSSC system PV inverter products with full digital DSP control, advanced power conversion and control technology, and efficient transformer design, leading technology, making the conversion efficiency of the PV inverter products up 98.5 percent, to reach the world advanced level; gradually formed a number of core patented technology; professional appearance of industrial design, user-friendly installation and man-machine interface, strict product reliability design, the entire product line with the strength of competition in the international market.
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American Power-One joined forces with Japan's Matsushita to build an energy storage system

American Power-One and Panasonic recently announced that they will collaborate to develop energy storage systems as well as large utility-scale and commercial PV inverter business.

The two companies have entered into a strategic alliance, the two sides will cooperate in the development, manufacture and sale of energy storage systems, including Power-One inverters, Panasonic lithium-ion battery and power generation systems. Initially, the two companies plan to develop residential, commercial in non-residential areas of Europe, America and Japan, and utility-scale energy storage systems and network services.

Energy Solutions president of Power-One Renewable AlexLevran said Panasonic's advantage lies in the development of home energy management systems (HEMS) and lithium-ion batteries, such as product development, manufacturing and sales, which is critical for energy storage systems. Panasonic batteries and energy storage combined with our expertise in the field of advanced inverter technology, which will be the perfect combination of unrivaled.

Power-One and Panasonic said the two sides also plan to develop large-scale commercial and utility-scale PV inverter business in Japan. But the two sides did not disclose further details and financing channels.
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TBEA and dark energy photovoltaic inverter contract northern Xianghuangqi

June 18, 2013, TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd. won the bid dark energy photovoltaic power generation project in northern Xianghuangqi a project first inverter equipment procurement tenders contracts. It is reported that Shenzhen Energy Northern Energy Holdings Limited Xianghuangqi 20MWp solar photovoltaic projects with a total investment 200,470,000 yuan, the construction of a 20MWp photovoltaic power plants, the choice of 240Wp polycrystalline silicon PV modules to a single back-line access that Renwu La 35KV 35KV 110KV substation side of the wire Model LGJ-185, about three kilometers away.

After the project is completed, the annual equivalent power 1530 hours, annual generation capacity of 30.7 million kwh, the annual output value of 30.7 million yuan, an increase of taxes (Item enjoy the 3 +3 policy), and 11 new jobs. Construction and put into operation an annual savings of approximately 09,800 tons of standard coal, emissions of 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide, according to the sulfur content of 0.5% calculated without considering the desulfurization can reduce emissions of 174 tons of sulfur dioxide. The project was first approved Xianghuang photovoltaic enterprises, the four pillar industries for promoting Xianghuangqi scenery resources development and utilization of positive significance and far-reaching impact.

According to the reporter, the successful tenderer TBEA is the sole owner of the whole solar industry chain enterprises. Relying on the manufacture of polysilicon purification independent intellectual property core technology, has formed a "quartz mine - Cogeneration - polysilicon - silicon - solar modules - large inverter control system - solar photovoltaic power plant" complete whole solar industry chain. Rely on technological innovation to reduce costs and achieve zero emissions, zero pollution. Now with 3000 tons / year polysilicon production capacity of circular economy, modular photovoltaic products cover solar photovoltaic power station systems, 500kW inverter control, 10W-500W solar home systems with the field, is the integration of large-scale solar PV systems providers.

The company has to undertake more than 3,000 seats solar off-grid power station construction tasks, he has participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the Ningxia Sun Mountain 10MW solar power grid station, Shanghai Hongqiao high-speed rail BIPV, Hami, Wada 20MW Solar power plants and other networks and projects to address the large grid covering less than 400,000 farmers and herdsmen in the area of drinking water and electricity problems, the military and the vast areas of China's western border, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and other countries in the region, information , oil transportation, tourism, desert greening construction work to provide a quality, reliable energy security.
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Delta Outdoor PV Inverter IP65 rating tested by

Recently, high-power outdoor Delta 500KW PV grid-connected inverter passed the IP65 protection class test, the maximum extent possible to verify the performance and stability of the product, to provide a better product experience. In recent years, with the development of new energy industries, the construction of photovoltaic power more widely, while photovoltaic inverter as a key component of photovoltaic systems - must be able to guarantee the stability of the quality of the delivered energy, and the system is running, the product performance requirements, functional design will also be subjected to more stringent test of the market.

Currently on the market, a centralized inverter basic protection class IP20 or IP24 concentrated between grades, the main components of the lack of effective protection, it is difficult to ensure that 20 to 25 years of life, while Delta 500KW grid-connected photovoltaic IP65 degree of protection against the Delta Group is changed on the basis of years of deep research on power electronics technology, using its long-term accumulation in the photovoltaic industry experience and innovative technology introduced a new, fully meet the inverter in harsh environments, to ensure Long-term stable operation requirements.

Delta 500KW grid-connected photovoltaic power inverter to provide high power generation efficiency of photovoltaic system design principles, using no isolation transformer designed to meet the German BDEW specification, the maximum conversion efficiency of over 98.5%. The unique design of the cooling duct extends the service life of internal electronic components, fault protection designed to reduce power losses as a set of components inside the machine failed system to a minimum, reducing the risk of use.

High degree of protection IP65 can effectively inhibit the interference of foreign dust inside electronic devices and electronic components with separate spaces to ensure that the device has good environmental adaptability and stability of the system, bringing the future to meet the low-cost solar power projects, high comprehensive advantages of efficiency, high reliability, ease of management, and I believe the future will bring new feelings and experiences more industrial customers.
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TOP5 China PV Inverter most competitive companies

October 22, by the China Energy News, magazines and corporate research network PVP365 photovoltaic plant jointly organized the "2013 China PV power plant annual awards ceremony" was held in Beijing. Sunshine Power Co., Ltd. With excellent performance and market performance, won the unanimous endorsement of the jury and the industry, and won the "TOP5 China PV Inverter most competitive company" award.

Sunshine Power awarded "TOP5 China PV Inverter most competitive company," The poll was initiated by the China Energy News, magazine "Business Research", PVP365 photovoltaic power plants nets and other institutions, set up a Web site to vote, PVP365 members and industry professionals e-mail voting, jury selection and professional customer research and other elected election voting methods.

Inception in 1997, after 16 years of dedicated and professional development of precipitation, sun power has become Asia's largest PV inverter manufacturer, continued research and innovation capacity, product performance and service, brands and performance, product certification and qualification, talent team building, also formed a unique industry competitive advantage, ranking first in domestic market share, global shipments exceeded 4.5GW. According to the report IHS and GTM, the sun power the world has been among the world's top three shipments. Especially in the development of the industry in a slump today, sun power with outstanding performance stand out in many enterprises.

This award reflects the sunlight power industry has been reaffirmed stopped working hard, sun power will uphold the "commitment to clean and efficient, allowing more people to enjoy the green power" development mission to move on, to provide customers with better quality new energy products, more professional service, and strive to build the company as a world-class new energy equipment manufacturing enterprises.
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