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"Golden sun" project is packaged into the net "glass door" still remains

As the ministry of finance released a file, which is strongest in the history of inverter charger support policy, namely, "golden sun" project lead discussion again.

May, in accordance with the ministry of finance issued "about gold sun demonstration project financial aid funds liquidation notice no.

(117) requirements," as of June 30, not timely completion of projects, cancel the demonstration project and take back money; no interconnection project on schedule, temporarily withdraw subsidies."

This also means that ended June 30, the standard of construction of "golden sun" project, will be back your money.

In response, the industry widely interpreted as a "golden sun" will fall, and the implementation of four years, the golden sun project "shoddy, small to large filling, drag time limit for a project to diddle subsidies" such as speculation, the initial investment subsidies have also been questioned.

But there are also view, "golden sun" for the first time opens the sluice of photovoltaic (pv) application in our country, is one of the large-scale application of dc to ac converter products.

Especially in electric power system under the premise of existence barrier, initial investment subsidies is the "ice-breaking" choice also is helpless choice.

The bearing industry policy to promote the development of photovoltaic industry in China, what has caused the parties.

According to our reporter, "golden sun" project or will be changed, while retaining the initial investment subsidies and electricity price subsidies to support silicon purification, control of inverter, industrialization of key technologies such as parallel operation, and public welfare projects without electricity.

Initial investment subsidies is helpless?
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