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If can't reconciliation, ceibs will each have hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs

Analysts pointed out that the two sides is photovoltaic industry chain of stakeholders, the eu restrictions on Chinese wind grid tie inverter products, is bound to cause a "lose-lose" situation.

From China side, the case concerning China's more than $200 of exports to Europe, accounting for about 7% of the total amount of Chinese exports to Europe, accounting for 80% of total Chinese photovoltaic products export, is related to China's thousands of enterprise's survival and more than 40, ten thousand jobs.

China's photovoltaic industry association secretary-general Wang Shijiang estimates, the tax rate of 11.8% means that China's photovoltaic components selling price will be raised to about $0.78 / watt, compared to places such as Taiwan and South Korea product in our country, the price advantage will be wiped out.

From eu side, some European manufacturers of photovoltaic products might benefit, but more, business bigger, stronger absorbing employment ability of upstream and downstream enterprises of the European dc to ac inverter will suffer a severe blow.

European independent institute for economic research survey pointed out that the European Union to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese solar products, will make the eu consumer demand for pv product decline, leading to loss of 242000 jobs in three years, and the eu 27.2 billion euros ($35.3 billion), "added value".

China's response to

Companies hope that the government stepped up talks with the European Union, the ministry of commerce yesterday started to double the European wine

Commerce ministry spokesman said speaking Shen Danyang 5, the Chinese government and industry for solving the problem through dialogue and consultations showed great sincerity, have made great efforts, the eu is still determined to China's photovoltaic products take unfair tax measures, said China firmly opposed.

Some pv enterprise director said in an interview, in the next few months, hope that the government stepped up talks with the European Union, for settlement by price undertakings.

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