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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Industry generally believe, household photovoltaic power generation market is the important foundation of new urbanization construction

The future China's many families on the roof, will install solar power inverter equipment like European countries. This means that China's future photovoltaic production will not only is the first big country, also will be the first big consumers photovoltaic (pv) power generation. "At that time the European Union will realize, have little interest, lose big chance in the future."

"Only the independent market and technology to foster autonomous and independent industry", Li Caiyuan said, this should be in China many times in post financial crisis era trade dispute should absorb whatever experience is one of the most important.
White LED household lighting

In the global energy shortage, environmental requirements, continuously improve, world-beating 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 12010 Shanghai world expo are with surrounding green energy saving as the theme, it brings the development of China's LED lighting industry a great historic opportunity. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is the large-scale use of semiconductor LED lighting technology for the first time in Olympic history, created the unprecedented visual feast for us. In the Olympic Games, world expo strong, rapid growth will certainly usher in China's LED lighting market.

Yuexiu road in tianjin, our LED street light has created the good lighting effect.

The author USES 4. 8 mm, astigmatism, 1200 MCD white LED produced a few LED lights, here on the detailed analysis:

A, 1. 8 w LED lamp and VS 8 w energy saving lamp 38 head according to the LED lights of power of the 1. 8 w; 8 w energy-saving lamp test power inverter with charger 8. 5 w.

Visual its brightness and lighting range, use solar battery and photosensitive resistance test, the 1. 8 w LED lamp is better than that of 8 w energy saving lamp.

For at this stage, white LED lamp lumens per watt for roughly comparable to energy-saving lamps (as high as 80-90 lumens per watt, of course, the super bright leds has also been developed. But the cost is too expensive, difficult to enter ordinary people at present stage), then why the LED lamp is more energy efficient? This is mainly from two aspects into consideration.

1. The most luminous point of conventional light source 360. Full range of light-emitting, directional reflection with reflectors, and light utilization ratio is low. Astigmatism of the white LED the luminous point in 120. Or so, don't need reflectors, at layer 2. 8 meters room installation suction a top, the illuminate of the effective diameter of 9. 6 meters, the main illumination area, has good lighting effect. 1200 at the top of the space relies mainly on the diffuse light, brightness is low.
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