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The future will also retain original investment subsidies and electricity price subsidies

Data from the national development and reform commission energy research institute, four years, gold sun engineering has installed 4.5 gigawatts (GW), accounting for 64% of the Chinese photovoltaic electricity-generating capacity,power generation cost decreased to 8000 yuan from 30000 yuan per kilowatt , KWH cost down to below $1, 2012, 35% of solar cell production in the domestic, and in 2009 was only 2%.

Yingli group in the component providers, "golden sun" reached a starting role in the domestic market.

Yingli group sales corporation deputy general manager Zhang Zhe told our reporter: "we begin from golden sun implementation, focus on the development from abroad to domestic, domestic shipments from 45 in 2009 mw to 550 mw in 2012, delivery ratio from 4% to 25% of the domestic market."

Qin Haiyan thought, through the implementation of demonstrative project of golden sun and roof plan, to some extent, cracked obstacles of electric power system, promoting grid file, with respect to the manner of distributed power grid and the spontaneous private acceptance there has been a fundamental shift.

In March 2013, the national development and reform commission issued a notice on the perfect wind turbine inverter price policy draft, relay demonstration projects of "golden sun" and "roof plan", for distributed clear electricity price subsidies for photovoltaic power generation.

According to our reporter understanding, the future will also keep the initial investment subsidies and electricity price subsidies, golden sun will support silicon purification, control of inverter, industrialization of key technologies such as parallel operation, and public welfare projects without electricity.

Although there are various departments also on electricity price subsidies standards, payment management process for final negotiations, problems such as photovoltaic (pv) industry is already showing great concern for new policy.

Energy saving in oasis (Beijing) solar energy technology co., LTD., executive director of the generation of memory peaks with our reporter said: "at the end of the golden sun after initial investment subsidies, the new policy cohesion to guide enterprise development investment decision is very important, the price level of subsidies should satisfy the minimum return investors demand."

Qin Haiyan is paid more attention to improvement of the system of fundamental, "coping DianLiFa appropriate modification in our country, introduced including user side grid photovoltaic power generation system, a distributed energy management solution, change the past some of the power management method."
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