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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Before the middle of this century, the liquid fuel can still control 70% of the transportation

By the end of the century, two-thirds transport biofuels will ensure that liquid fuel consumption, the product will only be used as raw material in petrochemical sine wave inverter.

Conergy completed construction of 4.5 MW solar parks in France

Headquartered in Germany's solar solution and service provider Conergy announced today that for investors, local grid operators and energy suppliers UEM build solar park has been completed.

The project total installed capacity of 4.5 megawatts, covers an area of 9.5 hectares.

The solar park is located in the south of France La Fare - les - Oliviers, began its construction in last month.

Equipped with Conergy company "P series" component 18000 block, the project will be produced each year about 6500 megawatts of electricity, can meet the wind grid tie inverter demand of about 1800 households.

Conergy company as the main contractor, not only the supply of components, is also responsible for the whole project design and installation.

In addition, the company will continue to participate in the maintenance and operation management of solar park.

In addition to solar park, Conergy company for Sunlap located in La Fare - les - support Oliviers's two nuclear power plant construction, provides a series of "P" components and IPG15T inverter.

The annual output can reach 127 mw.

Despite the difficult market environment, often appear intense price competition, Conergy company will continue in Greece, Spain and Portugal and other European market development and supply of the project.
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