power inverter

Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

For LiuJiaYong, into the new energy this line is completely mistake

Back in December 2003, a German students find him: "John LiuJiaYong (English name), now Germany have seed products are especially popular on the market, called solar, but most of this stuff in your China SUNGOLDPOWER production, can you get?"

"No problem, that's a lot of Chinese." When finish to make this answer, LiuJiaYong mind is he at home many people seen on the roof of the solar water heater.

The objects in his classmates circle's famous - "as long as is Chinese goods, we can get anything" he and partner LaoSong, not just something?

At that time, LiuJiaYong osnabruck university, Germany is the identity of the cognitive psychology professional graduate students.

Spare time with my classmates Song Mou paid 12500 euro per person registered a company, the 50% of the shares, employee and only them, "one is the general manager and the other one is also general manager".

Company's business is printed t-shirts, exhibition publicity, flipping rebar waste plastics...

"anyone who demand production, Europe and China power inverter products", what what to do to make money.

He then give their location is on campus at the university of small business owners.

First to Germany, language communication seriously impeded, diet to swallow, and the future of confusion has made him into an unprecedented confusion.

There was a long time, the only thing she can let him to relax on the Internet.

When a man in a bar drinking, LiuJiaYong force yourself over and over again: why go abroad?

Interrogation tactics thinking, thinking in the way of thinking is now gradually.

"I'm a social type player, rather than a fine learning bully."

He began to put a lot of time in many local Chinese students will be organized a variety of activities, take part in different kinds of social practice.

Lots of resources and thus gradually build social relationships, for his future lay important stage photovoltaic products sales.

Through public campaign, LiuJiaYong also became "at all levels and all ages students in one of the most popular student body President candidate", became the first chairman of the students will be smoothly.
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