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Fastest pv subsidy policies at the end of A good many a-share listed companies

For a long time, the domestic pv market launch broadly trained attention inside and outside, and inverter with charger price subsidies policy is becoming the key factor of the domestic market started.

Recently, with the European Union to China pv "double reverse" preliminary "sticks", hoped that the domestic market calls for quick launch more unprecedented, it also reversed transmission electricity price subsidies to accelerate.

According to reported, probably at a state council executive meeting on June 14th, six measures to push attaches to electricity in photovoltaic industry acquisitions, subsidies, financing difficult problem.

News, widely interpreted by industry insiders, six measures are pointing to the current domestic Power energy system market on a large scale "stumbling block", in the process of the start of subsequent or will have more good conditions developed.

Industry analysis, points out that at present the domestic pv market investment passion lies in the full acquisitions and KWH electricity grid subsidies strength problem, grid "grip" has been gradually loosening since last year, the most popular degree electricity subsidy policy is also introduced at the end of this month fastest.

As a result, the second half of the domestic market is expected to enter the accelerated release phase, the photovoltaic industry chain will be all good.

Recently according to reported, probably in SNEC pv show, (2013), Shanghai deputy director of the national development and reform commission energy research institute, Wang Zhongying said about electricity price subsidies policy has formed consensus, especially with the degree of distributed photovoltaic electricity subsidies have been clearly determined.

It is held in Beijing on June 15 the seventh new energy international summit on the BBS of confirmed by an industry expert.

Inside in the middle of march this year, the national development and reform commission issued the notice on improve the electricity price policy of the draft, in which large ground station according to the light conditions can be divided into four areas, respectively of 0.75 1 yuan/benchmarking a feed-in tariff.

And the spontaneous private part of the electricity price subsidies distributed generation is 0.35 yuan/degree.
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