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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

All Shared economic service relies on building trust between users

Not only many intermediary website platform for trading background verification and investigation, including viewing the user's credit card, driving history, whether to have a criminal record, etc., and both parties usually want to mutual online after clinch a deal, the user to obtain corresponding level, which makes people easier to identify who is the lazy driver, who was the thief stealing pajamas, even who broke a surfboard.

The user feedback system, can help to lease both sides to abide by the rules, including rent, detailed regulations (such as the rent can not smoke or have pets), and so on, because both sides have some fear of bad review.

People usually according to the applicant's grades and feedback and so on to decide whether to do SUNGOLDPOWER business, general feedback more users easy to clinch a deal, no feedback is more counterparts

Tibetan areas in our province basic finish without electricity power construction next year

For further implement the central Tibet work coordination group meeting and the provincial party committee, the provincial government of Tibet electric power construction work deployment, on June 21, a Tibetan area electric power industry development as the theme, by the provincial party committee area office, sichuan electric power department to participate in the symposium was held in its Chinese sichuan province power inverter company.

Province electric power company will promote Tibetan area electric power industry development as the "number one project", built in 2012 invested 3.2 billion yuan put into operation "- ganzi - Shi Qu xindu bridge" network engineering, welcomed by the Tibetan cadres and the masses and the high praise.

Convey the central Tibet work coordination group meeting about Tibetan work deployment and the provincial party committee as a whole pays special attention to the development of electric power construction, the people's livelihood, stable three events of Tibetan work train of thought, of province electric power company will be basically completed 2014 Tibetan areas without electricity power construction in our province, than the central requirements affirmed his one year work plan in advance.

Emphasizes the development as a whole pays special attention to the Tibetan areas, the people's livelihood, stable three thing, the most basic one is the construction of the transportation work, in order to pass and promote harmony; The second is the construction of the electric power, light area, make Tibetan people synchronous sharing of modern civilization.

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