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Sanming power: visit a teacher "photovoltaic dream"

Three years spent 13500 yuan to build the power of 1200 watts of household SUNGOLDPOWER solar pv power station, the highest in the midsummer sun day can send 10 KWH.

On June 3, in fujian province sanming power staff, under the help of li Ming self-built family take the lead in successfully incorporated into the national grid photovoltaic power station.

Since then, li Ming a long-awaited power for private use, the desire of the surplus electricity sold to the national grid online will become reality!

Recently, the author approached the city's first family photovoltaic power station, visit master li Ming's "photovoltaic dream".

Originally just want to do a test

In 2010, as li Ming sanming BaZhong physics experiment teachers begin to pay close attention to photovoltaic (pv) power generation.

"I see on TV and Internet countries encourage the use of photovoltaic power inverter, Germany, Japan has been developing, I think I can try to do a test."

Li Ming said that the original idea is so simple.

Li Ming as a physical experiment teachers has more than 20 years, he is mainly responsible for the junior middle school physics experiment.

He said that he had to make powered paraglider, assembly modification too many different types of electric vehicles, and converting the traditional sewing machine control electric sewing machine.

Do have a professional background support, li Ming also to solve two problems.

Equipment installed? Where to buy material? Li Ming lives in mei Xu Bi village and building top floor 2 column area, and the roof because early leak repair problems, basic is not on the top floor downstairs neighbors, li Ming is just "the advantage".

After gathered all relevant information, li Ming in the urban areas more looking to buy solar panels, but always failed, so li Ming decided to online shopping.

Because is the first attempt, li Ming bought only two pieces of each for 200 watts of solar panels.
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