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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Since then, the Nepali government will manage the solar power station

Another Nepalnews reported last year, Nepal electricity regulators Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Management committee (Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Management Board) signed a power purchase agreement, PPA in Nepal Mr DE Boer (Lalitpur) of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Japan International currency Agency, JICA) will provide a 680.4 kW photovoltaic power station with financing, the project has been on January grid.

Alternative solar charging suits wearer to become the future star

Smartphones can have super strong multimedia entertainment features transforming people's lives as habit, but for those who need to often go out in the outside, smart mobile phone of question naturally become restricting the use of a large board.

In order to solve this problem, a group of foreign research and design team has developed a solar clothes, people in after put on this dress can be transformed into a mobile charging stations.

It is understood that the project team is made up of Gelderland Valoriseert company Christiaan Holland dominant form, in which students of the university of nijmegen in the Netherlands applied science and technology is responsible for technology research and development, the fashion designer Pauline van Dongen in charge of the design.

Clothes the launch of the solar energy is a prototype, the collar and the side of the waist design the interlining to install solar cell.

When interlayer expansion, the whole suit of clothes look like science fiction movies, futuristic, at this point within the solar cell can receive sunlight for mobile phones and other portable electronic devices.

Charging is completed, the user can then laminated to fold up, do this way is more beautiful, and can effectively prevent the accidental damage internal panels and circuit.

According to introducing, this solar suit 1 hour into the electric energy can be for a typical smartphone provides about 50% of its electricity, efficiency is considerable.

And the whole dress is made of cloth and leather sewing, so more suitable for wearing in winter.

Hunan SangZhiXian promotion to use solar energy and biomass energy

Hunan SangZhiXian eight archduke shan river village found that car going farm small courtyard hidden in the lush trees, should not smoke.

"Every household biogas stoves, buy solar cell and biomass gasifier, has departed from the history of wood smoke."

Villagers YanDaJun told reporters that don't have to chop wood and trees on the hill a few years later it close up.

Mountainous area county in recent years, around the "ecological", SangZhi "broken" action of fanfare, strongly advocated with biogas fuel, gas, solar energy replace straw, such as life, each built a digester used 2000 yuan to the solar water heater, biomass gasifier buy installation at 20% of the total price subsidies.

At present, the county in rural energy, new technology application technology capital of 382 million yuan, total promotion of biogas, solar water heater, nearly 160000 sets (mouth) biomass gasifier, rural clean energy rate of 38.2%.

Reporter from SangZhiXian NengYuanBan understanding, to build a pool can saving firewood 3.5 tons a year, the county 31000 pool, can reduce the cut fire wood 100000 tons a year, equivalent to 97660 mu of afforestation.

On the glass to create flexible solar cells
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