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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Individual units sold as quickly as possible

All development and marketing activities may also be terminated.

Bosch company's board chairman, however, falk omar - Denner (Volkmar Denner) in its associated newspapers Bosch Zunder Online said in an interview: "if we can't sell, we will have to stop production in early 2014."

Preliminary estimates, Bosch, total loss of two billion four hundred million euros ($three billion one hundred million), including impairment of one billion six hundred million euros ($two billion one hundred million).

Deng says, however, at this point the solarpanelcellonline company does not provide an accurate number.

Denner said: "in recent months, Bosch has comprehensive review every aspect of its solar business.

We have to consider the latest technological advances and cost reduction potential and strategic consistency.

And also in talks with potential partners."

Denner concludes: "these possibilities, however, did not find a solution for the solar controller department, do not have long-term economic feasibility.

We deeply regret for it."

Announced in January 2013, Bosch solar sector losses of about billion euros ($one billion three hundred million).

Last year, France's biggest crystalline silicon components factory proposed "idle" has led to the sale of the company.

Near the factory is located in Lyon WeiNi snow, employs about two hundred employees.

Bosch was to be built in Malaysia penang worth 520 million euros ($675 million) in the composite solar components factory has finished.

Bosch, the plant's shares will be sold to manufacturers of photovoltaic components aleosolarAG.

Bosch currently holds a 90.7% stake in aleosolar company.

In January, however, aleosolar their warning net loss "sharply", preliminary full-year revenue for 279.9 million euros ($363.2 million), a 39% decline in 2011.

Aleosolar chief executive and chief financial officer Yorkzu Putlitz, said: "don't consider to find a buyer, aleosolarAG has already take action: we have closed our factory in Spain, start clearing our joint ventures in China and start transferring our shares in Bosch CISTech."

In Brandenburg, Germany Bosch solar CISTech will continue, although the future has not yet been set.

Denner said: "our Thermotechnology (CISTech) department and security system in our energy and building technology business accounts for the lion's share.

And given the Bosch has committed to 'interconnectivity in all business areas, it has great potential for cross-functional product development, even in the absence of solar energy department.
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