power inverter

Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

1.5 mw power unit in testing costs around 10 million yuan

Developers, power inverter is also duplicate detection.

Qinghai pv: "discard" ratio has reached more than 40% of the online detection to collect fees in disorder

ReNewable: inverter business failures after to take over the third party no matter inside and outside warranty period can be wild speculations

Child _ _ vegetarian food environmental protection: photovoltaic export two-handed backhand.

Domestic building flagging.

Flagging rush out. They were afraid to grid subsidies.network is difficult to send successfully.

Slow sending Internet subsidies.

Bank financing air ring, not on the home photovoltaic people hard

"Between photoelectric" create energy-saving "green house"

Without fire, without water, close to a wipe sunshine can let indoor beautiful spring.

June 26, the reporter in hebei sanhuan solar co., LTD., (200 KPW) solar photovoltaic building integrated application demonstration project site, witnessed the substation by light, the magic scene.

On the same day, reporters at the scene of the the project demonstration to see, in the "show" on the roof of nearly 3100 square meters, thousands of piece of pv panels are gathering, and immersed in the rays of the sun.

The project technical staff, told reporters that photovoltaic panels by absorbing the sun heat, can be converted into voltage and current through the junction box the voltage gathered, 600 volts can be formed, in after entering the inverter voltage, can be turned into 400 v alternating current, the resulting current after merged into the national grid, as well as electricity produced by fire, water conservancy, not only for civilian purposes, can also be used for industrial electricity.

It is understood that the photovoltaic panels for each area is 1.6 square meters, according to different material, the separately can produce 0.25 to 0.19 degrees per hour, although that number may seem small, but the area of nearly 3100 square meters, a year can generate 280000 KWH, equivalent to annual savings BiaoMei about 93.52 tons, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions 56.8 tons, 2338 tons of carbon dioxide reduction.

As a province live built hall, the departments of project acceptance experts said, the project adopts the crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon two ways to install, the total installed capacity of 200 kw, its acceptance by, marks the implementation of green energy, has reached the spontaneous for private use, more electricity the purpose of the "Internet".

It doubles as a green energy function test station at the same time, to study the different kinds of photovoltaic modules power generation efficiency, decay rate, such as technical performance, has set up a experimental platform, for the convenience for the photovoltaic industry development provides a reliable experimental data.
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