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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

In the two markets, driven by the future photovoltaic installations will still rising fast

Formula tax cut prices to fall

The adjustment of import tariffs of more than 780 kinds of commodities, and further reduce the rate of new products into five categories: condiments, special infant formula milk powder, heart pacemakers, consumer and medical supplies such as stent; 2 it is robot auto production line, wide inkjet printers, organic light emitting diode display screen, the electric car with SUNGOLDPOWER inverter module, a lithium-ion battery, stepless transmission with steel belt and so on to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry and strategic emerging industries equipment, spare parts and raw materials; Third, kaolin, mica slice of energy resource products, such as iron, tungsten, antimony, as well as the ship ballast water treatment equipment with filters, mu trains with capsule is helpful for energy conservation and emissions reduction of environmentally friendly products; Four is the purple alfalfa, milk, stir self-propelled forage feeding support for products such as; 5 it is down, flax tow, automatic rotor spinning machine, etc.

Support the development of textile industry products.

Zhongshan customs said the downgrade to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry and strategic emerging industry equipment, spare parts and raw materials, will let the enterprises to reduce operating costs, for the emerging industry development bring new opportunities. (source: southern metropolis daily SMW net

Milk powder dealers said no price cut (source: southern metropolis daily SMW net

Also involves the tax was changed milk powder (special with infant milk powder from 20% to 5%), skin care products (6.5% to 5%), basketball (12% to 6%), cardiac pacemaker (4% to 2%) is closely related to citizens of the people's livelihood, such as items, by the people widespread attention, whether tax rate, the corresponding commodity prices will fall? Zhongshan customs think, in special with infant milk powder, for example, the rate fell to 5%, is refers to the rate of import cargo, its collection of objects is milk powder dealers, rate decline, does not mean that dealers will reduce the retail price of the milk powder.

In the cost structure of the infant milk powder, the raw material and logistics accounts for about 7 in the cost of milk powder, plus the dealer level distribution, and increasing the transaction link, it's hard to say tariffs down, can make milk powder prices down.

To import milk powder distribution businesses have also said, temporarily no price cut, "we take goods from the agent, the price no change, temporarily can't reduce retail prices."

Silver tong street, a seller of infant milk powder dealers said.

Zhongshan customs also warns a citizen, individual consumers to carry or post the entry of the imported milk powder, the customs will, in accordance with relevant provisions of the personal items into the said price list of taxation: according to the customs value (200 yuan/kg), the tax rate of 10%, which is a tax levied on per kilogram of milk powder 20 yuan, carrying the weight within 2.5 kg milk powder into China consumers, receivable tax can be exempted from less than 50 yuan.To learn more please visit: http://www.sungoldpower.com/
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