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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Northeast China is the first enterprise distributed photovoltaic power station put into operation

Liaoning dalian ikea co., LTD. Distributed power project through the acceptance, become the northeast's first distributed photovoltaic power grid operation of the enterprise.

The grid capacity is 244.64 kw, works by solar energy through solar panels can into direct current, direct current (dc) can pass with SUNGOLDPOWER grid inverter into frequency alternating current, so as to realize electrical energy to get to the Internet.

According to introducing, in ideal lighting conditions, the photovoltaic power station, power capacity is 812.0 KWH, electricity generated can be used for within all.

Lingshan expressway connecting the optimization of mechanical and electrical equipment to improve management level

To strengthen equipment of intelligent management, meet the functional requirements, achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, and improve service mechanical and electrical equipment management level, reduce management costs, recently, lingshan expressway connecting the information monitoring center leaders and several mechanical and electrical technical personnel rushed to the toll station, tunnel management, optimization of mechanical and electrical facilities along the performance.

Along with a solar power supply facilities (bracket of solar cell module, solar cell phalanx, solar controller, inverter, battery) for maintenance and may appear short circuit for solar modules, solar battery components, polarity is wrong, may load output short circuit, load current is too large, the battery polarity is wrong, the solar cell component current is too large, the controller temperature function such as technical test was carried out to ensure its safe operation.

Second, reasonable control of tunnel entrance and exit light induction controller, so that the tunnel LED lights best energy saving and comfortable mode, make it more scientific, to provide a comfortable environment for passengers personnel.

3 it is cleaning the mechanical and electrical facilities along the e-waste, classifying its processing, in order to recycle.

Four is to improve the tunnel monitoring intelligent level, the higher level of intelligence, in driving the security hole, operation consumption will be greatly reduced.

SMA dc to ac inverter production will start in Q1 2014 South Africa

SMA manufacturing plant in South Africa and will supply 125 for the two new pv project Sunny Central inverters, it marks the German company will continue to develop South Africa market.

German inverter manufacturer, SMA Solar Technology announced that its inverter factory in South Africa plans to put into operation in March 2014.

Announced the end of may, SMA will expand its business in South Africa market, these plans include production for 75 mw Kalkbult project Sunny Central inverter factory.
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