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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Shi Guangshun is introduced, with intelligent management, followed by is intelligent service

Now in Beijing and other cities can be seen on a road traffic of real-time reporting bulletin board, real-time display driving conditions, help drivers choose more unobstructed path of travel.

So, driving people display a glance at the side of the road, can be roughly understanding to the front is waiting for their own flat or hammering too easily.

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"With the popularity of smartphones, in we are developing some projects, such as for the various service facilities of highway near positioning, navigation, traffic on the route in danger after a request for help and so on, these are all intelligent highway provide us intelligence services in the future." Shi Guangshun said.

Intelligent highway two big luminescent spot

Car to where, where street light is bright

In addition to the services of Internet of things, there are a number of the application of highway itself will also let us shine at the moment.

When driving on the highway at night, for example, in addition to outside the limited range of light irradiation, the rest is a dark, always let a person feel uncomfortable this situation.

But if install lighting facilities in all the streets are not environmental protection, cost is high.

A Dutch company aiming at this situation, developed a induction street light system, it can be through the sensor sensing the distance to the car and street lamps, and open lighting system automatically, to illuminate the road in front of the driver.

This means that when you are driving on the highway, in front there is always timely for you to open a lamp, light up your road, subsequent to the people don't have to worry about traffic security problems caused by insufficient lighting.

For this kind of lighting system, Shi Guangshun said: "this kind of induction lamp, actually is in lighting and solar lighting system on the basis of the increased use of the sensor, can sense the position of the vehicle, the timely opening and closing of lighting system."

Although look this kind of application is very advanced and can save energy, but, on the application still has its cost limits its widespread application.

"Application to a large number of sensors, make street light perception of vehicle position open and close, its construction and the cost may be more costly than street lamp open." Shi Guangshun stresses.

Road for "display", remind the weather

Since the induction lamp with high solar panels cost cost problem, can you use another kind of new technology, make the logo on the road of autonomous, guide the driver on the right road? Company launched a similar idea, made driving on the road of luminous paint line, so, after the sun during the day, night will generate luminous effect, indicates a path for the driver.

What is more, they also assume that road according to different meteorological environment according to different road surface when the temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius, the road will appear obvious snowflake pattern, remind the driver pay attention to traffic safety.

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