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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Huadian hotan CeLe photovoltaic projects progressing smoothly

Huadian hotan CeLe photovoltaic project since approved the autonomous region development and reform commission, the project company personnel unite as one, overcome personnel less, heavy task, remoteness, complex social environment, and many other adverse factors, since the project starts in early April, closely around company in 2013 in xinjiang new energy project production schedule, ahead of plan, actively organize to carry out the construction. Currently the first phase of complex building and SVG ventricular wall masonry, garage masonry, inverter complete beam plate column, following the confirmed room 60% and SVG room equipment installation is complete. Photovoltaic components of low voltage line,dc inverter room equipment installation , cable laying wiring work completed 35%, etc. Phase ii project after get principle of power grid companies access can be submitted to the national development and reform commission for approval.

CeLe photovoltaic effect and the taklamakan desert is located in the kunlun mountains CeLe county, hotan region, between the construction crews from carry out the preparatory work before the project starts, the hydropower construction access, overlay, can supply face material shortage problem, the project company leadership and site management personnel to actively coordinate with the total package party, clear the parties responsibilities held a meeting in a timely manner, flexible adjustment of construction plan, accelerate the site construction and effective supervise the equipment to be present.

CeLe photovoltaic power station make full use of abundant solar energy resources in hotan area, to improve the corporate power structure in xinjiang, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, realize economic sustainable development is of great significance.
Solar motorcycle won the pikes peak international hill climb

According to the los kling SMA Group based in California, on June 30th, a rely on solar power electric motorcycle in Colorado springs at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb) defeated all gasoline-powered motorcycle for the first time.

Headquartered in SAN carlos, California from pioneer enterprise of electric scooters, Motorcycles company. Is the icing on the cake, this is called from Super Bike is rely on clean solar power.

From Super Bike can be called is the world's fastest electric motorcycle, it relies on solar power, the california-based Luo Kelin SMAAmerica PV inverter manufacturers to provide.

Racer CarlinDunne driving this solar power from Super Bike motorcycle, in just more than 10 minutes to complete the competition. The challenge to the 12.42 miles, including 156 corners, the last is the pikes peak as high as 14110 feet. The pikes peak international hill climb the second long is the history of the United States, second only to the indy 500 (Indianapolis500).

LightningMotorcycles chief executive and founder RichardHatfield said, we are very pleased with Carlin's performance.

"Solar energy can be integrated with the electric scooters to see its people excitement, we also glad to SuperBike achieved amazing success," SMAAmerica HenryDziuba, President and general manager, said: "the pikes peak international hill climb's victory shows that today's clean energy technology has reached the world first-class level."

According to understanding, fully provided by the solar energy LighteningMotorcycles electric motorcycle innovation launched world record, running more than 2 km distance, speed of 304.304 km/hour.

LighteningSuperBike by RemyHVH250 electric motorcycle engine driver.
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