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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

QiongHaiShi boao town, and village located in Wan Quan river, the village has 28 families, 132 people

In 2012, the village in the city, town, under the strong support of the villagers actively work-relief funds paid to carry out civilized eco-village is created.

Without destroying the village, on the basis of the original ecological environment,SUNGOLDPOWER, disorderly and poor villages in the renovation of perfecting the infrastructure, landscaping, greening, lighting is realized.

Now, at the farmhouse in the village, village customs, pond hotel coffee shop, bar, international youth hostel, and bicycles camp and other basic tourism services.

Uncle we partner Zheng Yuanfeng said: "the civilized ecological village construction of our is to make money at home, now the store an average income is 100000 yuan a month, everyone a sense of pride and happiness boost, many young migrant laborers before came back!"

A new look in rural areas, hainan civilized eco-village construction has sung a Chinese brand to build a new socialist countryside, and of great national identity.

A number of central government leaders have to hainan civilized eco-village, and gave high evaluation.

The successful experience of a harmonious countryside

Zhang Xuepan, director of the hainan provincial government, said in the hainan civilized eco-village construction to 12 years, is the key to explore the successful experience the following a few: first is party committees and governments at all levels attach great importance to, the grid tie power inverter civilized eco-village created as a priority issue.

Provincial party committee, provincial government clearly put civilized eco-village construction in every year for the people ", one of the content of the main provincial committee and the successive leaders and every party of civilized eco-village construction put forward specific requirements.

Second, hainan civilized eco-village in the creation process, always adhere to the from the practical need of farmers, to demonstration village construction as the breakthrough point, through typical demonstration, make people quickly feel visible, and the interests of the real benefit, thus inspired farmers awareness and create enthusiasm.

Finally, blood is given priority to, stimulate vigor, improve farmers' income by civilized eco-village construction, improve rural infrastructure, improve farmers' cultural quality.
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