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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Built in biotechnology and medicine, information technology

Advanced manufacturing, such as ecological environment research institute, zhejiang water quality science and technology key laboratory, the wave of information technology research center, datang telecom td-scdma test platform, application enzymology in zhejiang province key laboratory, Yangtze river delta scientific instrument industry technology innovation strategic alliance, etc.

12 technology research center.

Qinghua institute has undertaken 153 longitudinal technology projects, including 22 national projects.

Different from zhejiang qinghua Yangtze river delta research institute, zhejiang institute of applied technology of the Chinese characteristic is to form a network structure , the whole advancement.

Founded in 2004 in jiaxing applied technology research and transformation of the Chinese academy of sciences center established on the basis of research, first is to institute a cooperation of the national engineering research and development and transformation center platform type.

Here gathered the 17 research institute of Chinese academy of sciences and engineering center, 20, accumulative total 186 authorized patents, undertaken on behalf of major national science and technology special 3.

Industrialization projects more than 100 years, the transformation output value exceeds 10 billion yuan, has been for five consecutive years was awarded the only by Chinese academy of sciences of hospital to industrialization of cooperation and the first prize, in 2008 by ministry of science and technology awarded the first "national demonstration technology transfer organizations", 2009 by the ministry of science and technology as "national science and technology plan (torch program advanced services").

As the jiaxing city "dual-core six parks" pattern of science and technology constantly improve, tsinghua university institute of Yangtze river delta with application technology research institute of Chinese academy of sciences has formed horns, competing with each other, interaction, common development Yu Jiaxing city science and technology.

Moreover, jiaxing science and technology at home and abroad well-known research institutions and fortune 500 companies set up more than 20 international technical cooperation platform, engineering center and production base, including the u.s.-china cooperation to establish "purdue university technology transfer center of Yangtze river delta", in cooperation with Ukraine national academy of sciences established "Ukraine national academy of sciences, international technology transfer center of China (jiaxing), with the Russian academy of sciences strategic cooperation set up" science and technology transformation center "between China and Russia, and Germany's fraunhofer institute of logistics planning was established" (jiaxing) sino-german institute of modern logistics in zhejiang province ", the co-operation with Infosys, India's second-biggest software service outsourcing company established cooperation "Infosys China education center", and Japan's nomura research institute and joint development "Internet of things platform", cooperating with gyeongbuk science park "china-south Korea international technology transfer center" and so on, created the "production", "sharing of intellectual property rights" of the new international DC TO AC technology cooperation mode.

Now, jiaxing jiaxing in zhejiang province and even the city of science and technology is one of the most active high science and technology innovation, science and technology has become a "golden card" in jiaxing city.

As people realize the dream
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