power inverter

Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

It is understood that the solar energy components all use crystal star products

Power generation system by the solar cell array, dc bus, inverter, grid connection system, etc, with solar cells, dc bus and the inverter combination of the power unit, using 380 v grid way access to the user side.

Project design service life of 20 years, system installation, operation and maintenance is simple, safe, and power Power energy system do not produce any noise, no emissions, no fuel consumption, green environmental protection.

Can power generation 60000 kilowatt hours a year, about 20 tons of standard coal saving, calculated at 0.87 yuan/KWH of electricity price, can produce economic benefits of 52200 yuan a year.

Recently, draws plans to carry out new rural photovoltaic power projects and with the county three mile town JiXiangSi village, XiaoLinZhen ZhuDong village, once offered community, corp is area south willow Yang village town village, totaling 100 gulf of Aden roof photovoltaic power projects.

At the appointed time, suizhou new rural photovoltaic (pv) power generation project will have a capacity of 360 kilowatts.

French pluripotent group to launch new "home energy independent budget system"

French pluripotent group and partners 14 xinhua gallery held a press conference in Paris, shows the latest product "home energy system independent budget".

This product is also known as the "triad" series, solar energy, wind energy, air is a kind of can be the combination of three kinds of green energy, energy saving products to maximize the energy utilization of family.

Pluripotent group introduces, at a news conference in the face of environmental pollution, such as higher electricity bills have challenges, pluripotent group and China's xi 'an huanghe photovoltaic technology co., LTD., ningbo love hold heat energy technology co., LTD., guangzhou red eagle energy technology co., LTD., and the French CAPIBERIK new energy company, use their respective advantages, jointly developed the "triad" product, and let the residents realize "spontaneous self-used" on electricity, electricity grid can also be recycled.

Group development department head of this product is introduced to the reporter: by Yellow River company production of solar battery and the red eagle company production of small wind turbine production inverter, direct current (dc) through CAPIBERIK company converted into alternating current (ac), the supply of homes.

Love is joy company produces the air source heat pump using the heat energy in the air to supply indoor heating demand.

Among inverter equipped with batteries, it can be used as in the case of insufficient capacity of the reserve power, and can be sold to the grid.
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