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Although the quality problem of the solar water heater has been controversial

But the ministry of industry and information technology released recently "about promoting the healthy development of the solar water heater industry guidance" interested in solar water heater machine should be brought into the 3 c authentication management directory, household electric auxiliary heating solarpanelcellonline solar hot water system, the new national standard has been formally come into effect on June 1.

Relevant data show that although the home appliance industry overall slump in 2012, but the whole solar water heater industry overall growth increased by 11% from 2011.

Compared to the solar water heater, air can water heater performance more.

Survey data show that in 2012 China's air can water heater sales reached 6.2 billion yuan, from 5 billion yuan in 2011 grew by about 25%, is expected to reach $10 billion in sales this year.

Last October China home appliance association issued "China water heater industry technology roadmap", is expected in 2012 to 2018, the electric water heater market capacity proportion will decline from 55% to 54%, while energy consumption only a quarter of the air can water heater electric water heater market capacity proportion from 3% to 3%, the annual growth rate of 17.3%.To learn more please visit: http://www.solarpanelcellonline.com/

Delisting is the trend of The Times

More and more bad policy, indicates the electric water heater market outlook.

Although it is not banned the sale in our country, the industry generally believe that electric water heater, is the trend of The Times, and the air can water heater and solar water heater share will gradually rise, the future or will each occupy half in the water heater market in China.

China home appliance association secretary-general Xu Dongsheng, points out that electric water heater in our country there is still a considerable convenience, there is no retreat city schedule in China.

Because the basically settled the problem of power supply between urban and rural areas in our country, as long as there is electricity, electric water heater can be used, and the installation is very simple.

While the use of gas water heater with gas protection, is the premise of this new expansion area in big cities and some new buildings are unresolved, especially in rural areas in many places has yet to achieve ventilation.

And solar water heater, air can water heater also exist in installation requirements for bedroom area, environment, etc, used for many consumers.
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