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Photovoltaic cells, very busy recently, photovoltaic inverter's

Double inverse in the United States, Europe, the domestic photovoltaic cell manufacturer is very busy recently.

Compared with photovoltaic cell industry is still very young,the fledgling domestic photovoltaic inverter is tender. If domestic market is solar greenhouses, so big of the battery industry has experienced the storm outside first, and the status is not prominent inverter industry is not immune, heavy rain outside the house light rain, the falling of drops of inverter manufacturers in the face. By the cold pouring rain, had "sat the train ate hot pot singing" the money's dream should immediately be poured woke up. Tight as battery components businesses without pay salary, some inverter employees began to complain about wage arrears in the network circumstances. Cold current spreading, is imminent.

Market integration this hair "bullets" still can "fly" for a while, also be a big impact of domestic a gleam of inverter company, at this time how?

"You say money is important to me, or you are important to me?"

Killing blow out the foreign market, the domestic smoke shall by no means inferior. Because hardware aspects such as technology costs also does not have absolute advantages, domestic inverter is the top priority of the preemption abroad within the territory and recharge the stable foundation, to get into the foreign market situation. At this point, the disorderly competition continues, some even kill red-eyed enterprises would have profits behind, just drag a rival.

In the domestic first-line manufacturers in the chaos of the battlefield, not too much lost general manner. But in the "first world" dark war comparably, about hero scenes, affectionate is manipulated with small-scale operations. The author was established with only two time vary far away a line manufacturers, for example, domestic wind turbine inverter "superb martial arts".

1. "predecessors" - the sunlight power: the humble "inverter leader"

As one of the first domestic pv inverter manufacturer, since 1997, more than ten years manufacturing experience of inverter, and writing as much as 42.8% in the domestic market share of glorious achievement, let sunshine power become a pacesetter well-deserved domestic inverter. In the power supply in the past ten years of development, we see is different in the component industry bosses decision making style: neither seize market "that crazy expansion, also don't like suntech feats inevitability of dead, but slowly but surely, step-by-step modest attitude.

Theory of technology, if only from the perspective of the conversion efficiency of inverter, the sunlight power world ranked ninth. (pictured above), but the sun power insists on investment of less than 10% of the sales revenue every year research and development funds to improve the level of technology, the industry status quo of "profit power, technology side", such persistence is admirable. It is such pragmatic stable management style, make it has the power industry the only enterprise has won the "customer satisfaction products" title. In such a solid, on the basis of sun power is determined, more walk more far.

But rage across cold, sunshine power seems to have failed to possess. In its earnings in the first half of 2012 as you can see, the sun light power supply while the volt inverter sales revenue up 26.94% from a year earlier, but operating profit fell 42.56% from a year earlier, the shareholders of deducting non-recurring gains and losses net profit fell 75.89% from a year earlier, deducting non-recurring gains and losses of basic earnings per share fell 76.47% from a year earlier. Accordingly, an analyst at short-term investment prospect of the sunlight power evaluation is: "in the second half of the company improvement is difficult, in offering project after the next year, the company will continue to maintain a gross margin decline in income to offset the negative effects. As to raise for project reaches producing, and has not yet found huge super funds raised the investment channels, the company of the imaginary space will be limited."
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