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NASA has befallen "opportunity" solar panels covered in dust

Opportunity (Opportunity, & co inc mer.n - B) is NASA's Mars exploration program in 2003, a part of. The main purpose of this plan is the spirit and opportunity rovers sent to Mars, on-the-spot investigation on the red planet Mars.

Opportunity and twin rover, the two name is Arizona's nine year old girl Sophie & middot; Cory, up!

Opportunity only used three months time in plan, one of the biggest problem is solar battery will fail after dust. It in January 2004 when landing on Mars can send 950 watts of electricity per hour, by December can send 900 watts per hour. On April 26, 2005, opportunity when attempting to cross a sandwaves in sand pile could not move, engineers spent a few weeks, "opportunity" model to determine the physical means to take off the embarrassment, to June 4, jet propulsion laboratory, according to data received over the dunes, opportunity has been going for more than 10 cm. On September 11, 2007, entered the Victoria crater the opportunity rover success.

On June 25, 2003, made a successful lift off from its launch opportunity; Est on January 24, 2004 (Beijing time) a day later than Mars.

Opportunity to Mars simulation diagram

As early as this year on March 27, NASA in's official website reports, NASA's opportunity rover took a picture from the photo, photo opportunity in the solar panel is covered in dust. At this point, the "opportunity" task has entered the fifth Martian winter. Dust reduced the output of "opportunities", due to limited mobility. Only in winter in the past, or the wind will blow away the dust, the opportunity to return to normal power supply.

Opportunity of solar panels is covered by dust

The latest news, on July 8, NASA (NASA) announced two by the opportunity rover "surface of the planet hd wide-angle photographs taken. Two photos from different angles show the opportunity rover's environment. It is understood that the two wide-angle photo was synthesized from 817 photos. Date is from last year on December 21, to May 8 this year, during the Mars' southern hemisphere's winter. Among them in the first photo, we can clearly see that "opportunity" and its flexible solar panels in the footprint left by the surface of Mars. While in the second photo shows the opportunity of a huge crater near and soil in detail. According to the plan, the next generation of NASA's rover curiosity will land on Mars in August this year, "opportunity".
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