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A Norwegian company solar and silicon separation of business success

Solar power is the representative work of the current new energy use, in how to solve a series of problems that exist in the solarpanelcellonline solar power that on the one hand, the renewable energy company in Norway is best in this regard. Recently, the company and to a higher level of development a solid step, the company's solar and silicon business success implementation "partition and rule", and the two companies are now listed successfully. Separation of the two companies will be a leader in their industry, which makes the energy industrial development in the competition, in the developing progress.

"Solar energy is a kind of endless renewable resources, competitive advantage and it have increasingly appeared, the next few years, the growth of solar energy utilization is certainly cannot be underestimated. And we will both solar and silicon distinguish business is also in order to let our both sides of energy and mineral resources are fully used. Also, it is very beneficial to the company's long-term development." A renewable energy company, the director of the said.

According to understand, Norway renewable energy companies through legal financial transactions, to subscribe stake in each other, and the success of the company to "separation". After that for "separation", the flow of personnel and the quality of the talent will not be affected by the corresponding? The director said, both the company's hardware and software, will not change because of the small solar panels business.

"Maintain a high quality, high execution team is the important strategic factor of promoting the development of our company, the company only through a way to let oneself become more powerful, personnel plan is not changed by these." Obviously, for the future of the company, the head appear confident.
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