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Australia's solar panel wiring errors of who?

Solar energy market in Sydney, about 20% of solar panels installed error who debate who is to blame. Some people accused of direct current (dc) manufacturers, some people put fumed about the installation technician.

Sydney SUNGOLDPOWER solar panels retailers SolarPV put blame on a panel using the original dc. The original has been to fire hidden trouble.

Josh SolarPV company Nester said, the dc component manufacturer in a dc converter error annotations on the positive and negative output; These converters are sold to many solar retailers and installer of Sydney.

In Victoria, responsible for solar energy security policies of the state department says, new south wales to detect the fault did not occur in Victoria.

"This dc component is used; all the problem have been found, and has set up in a few months ago to correct." Nester told the producer magazine (Manufacturers' or ").

Out of every five solar panels installed in Sydney there is a fire risk, while 18% of the equipment has big problem.

Retailers, installer and government clearly to these hazards have this. The news that the government and bad news because of concerns about solar energy and solar panels have been released to the public the hidden dangers.

"Energy companies are sending mail to user, we often also got a call from the user. Each call, we have to take 10 or 15 minutes to answer their installation if there is a problem." Nester said, "now the situation has great influence on us. People are waiting for the government's explanation, such as otherwise they will not buy any solar equipment."

Sydney Solarscape think another solar retailers, these failures were solely the result of installation equipment technical workers.

Solarscape spokesman said,30% of skilled workers put the solar inverter as power source , and the system circuit breaker wiring is also wrong. Incorrect wiring system is overheating, he says, probably bursts with Mars.
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