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Photovoltaic power system control configuration software applications

Solar energy as an emerging green energy became modern energy concerns, environmental considerations as well as for the protection of the global energy shortage facing the current situation,SUNGOLDPOWER solar power in the world has been rapid development. With the technological advances in the photovoltaic industry, gradually reduce the cost of solar power in the economy has been able to generate electricity with nuclear power, hydropower compete. At present, China is facing power shortages in coal dominates China's power industry, due to capacity constraints and environmental factors that lead to shortages of coal, coal development is restricted. This clean natural solar energy, there is no conventional energy (coal, oil and electricity) and nuclear power will cause environmental pollution. Country rich in solar energy resources, solar energy utilization by the government's policy support, solar power industry is facing unprecedented opportunities for development.

2 System Overview

Solar farm with inverter / communication modules arranged in a broad scope, equipment operation harsh natural environment and other characteristics, photovoltaic monitoring system is designed for large and small solar power inverter / communication module designed system involves the current domestic most advanced data collection, monitoring and analysis and control strategy software technology.

System uses power control eForceCon configuration software as the monitoring platform, the biggest feature of the product is capable of flexible "configuration mode" rather than programming approach to Power energy system integration, which provides a good user interface and simple development of project realization method, as long as its pre-set various software modules simple "configuration", it can be very easy to implement and complete the monitoring layer, various functions, automation engineers to shorten the time of system integration, which greatly improves the integration efficiency, the product can simultaneously control a variety of industrial and domestic manufacturers of equipment for network communication, but also can easily control and management layer to provide software and hardware all interfaces to achieve with the "third party" software and hardware system integration.

3 System Architecture

All PV inverter / communication module via optical fiber, Ethernet, RS485 bus, etc. Any form of PC connected to the main control room operator stations, to achieve the entire PV system monitoring, the following figure shows the system architecture diagram.

4 Features

Control system has a friendly interface. Monitoring software in the preparation process, taking fully into account the requirements of PV power plant operation management, the use of Chinese menu, simple operation, as far as possible to facilitate the management of photovoltaic power plants.

The system displays the inverter / communication module operating data. If each inverter / communication module instantaneous power generation, total generation capacity, power generation hours, input and output voltage, current, power, etc., the data will be transferred to the next crew PC and displayed on the monitor, if necessary, can be in the form of a curve or graph visually displayed.

The system displays the inverter / communication module operating data

The system displays the PV inverter / communication module operating status, such as starting, stopping, grid, off-grid, etc., through the photovoltaic inverter / communication module status to understand the whole photovoltaic power plant operation. (For downlink control command, you need tie inverter has this feature).

The system can display timely inverter / communication modules during operation failures. Failure in the display, can display the fault type and time of occurrence, in order to run the timely processing and eliminate the fault, to ensure PV inverter / communication module safe and continuous operation.

The system displays the PV inverter / communication module operating status

Monitoring software has to run the timing of data printing and manual printing and automatic fault instant recording feature to keep track of the status of the PV power plant operation history of the case.

5 Conclusion

Based power control eForceCon monitoring configuration software to build photovoltaic power plant monitoring system, enabling monitoring data information sharing, exchange, transmission and other functions, the central database to meet the user's requirements. Performing remote data acquisition and control, to ensure real-time data of photovoltaic and reliability.
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