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U.S. Small solar power supply for residents free of charge

Small solar power plants in the common area, although small footprint, facility structure is extremely simple, but it is the total amount of solar energy received by ordinary solar charging station twice, and is free of charge to provide electricity for the surrounding residents, storage Energy can also be illuminated at night, are free outdoor public facilities that make it more widely in a green way of electricity.

Small solar power station construction materials are cement, teak, and stainless steel. It is installed monocrystalline silicon solar cell, in theory, can produce 84 megawatts of electricity, enough to charge a laptop and cell phone. Battery is installed in at 3 m from the ground, shaded area is small, and can achieve maximum power. Energy stored in the battery pack or solar power grid tie system. Since solar cells installed in the security glass, so that people will be able to immediately identify one approached it the direction from which the solar energy.

The device socket is a transparent safety cover protects the solar panels installed in the slot under a screen, and the display can be used to gather the energy available, people see a small piece of flexible solar panels below exudes soft green of light.

The sun is a huge source of endless energy, development and utilization of solar energy system to become an important alternative energy source can be said that the ultimate human ideal energy strategy. Extensive use of solar energy is indeed very clear: it is available in aquatic resources, there is no danger of depletion, the annual arrival of the solar radiation on the earth's surface equivalent to about 130 trillion tons of coal, and its total is now the world's largest energy that can be developed ; absolutely environmentally friendly, will not damage the environment, development and utilization of solar energy does not pollute the environment, it is the most clean energy, one of the more serious environmental pollution today, and this is extremely valuable; without geographical restrictions, everywhere can be applied, the sun shine on the earth, whether land or sea, either mountains or islands, are everywhere and recent development and use of direct and goes without exploitation and transportation; wide range of applications, from automotive to residential encompassing. Build solar power stations can effectively utilize solar energy.

But there are also applications of solar energy disadvantages, in particular in: (a) Dispersion: solar radiation reaching the Earth's total surface, while significant, but the energy density is very low. (2) Instability: due to diurnal, seasonal, geographical latitude and altitude restrictions and other natural conditions, sunny, cloudy, clouds, rain and other random factors, therefore, reach a certain ground solar irradiance is both intermittent , is very unstable, which gives large-scale application of solar energy increases the difficulty. In order to make solar a continuous, stable energy, which eventually became able to compete with conventional energy alternative energy accumulator must be a good solution to the problem, that is fine as far as possible during the day solar radiation stored up for the night or on cloudy day use, but also the use of solar energy in the accumulator relatively weak links. (3) low efficiency and high cost: the current level of development of solar energy utilization in some respects is theoretically feasible, technically mature. However, some solar energy devices because low efficiency, high cost, in general, the economy can not compete with conventional energy sources. Considerable period of time in the future, the further development of solar energy utilization, mainly by economic constraints.

Traditional solar power system is relatively large, wide area, a large open area of land used to collect solar energy, invested much. New small solar power plants of simple structure, small footprint, consume less money, nearby residents can get the maximum benefits. In green technology product design competition, small solar station to get 94 votes, representing a majority as the most popular inventions.
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