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US-Japan solar market is not big industry pessimistic

Chinese mainland's exports to the EU agree on the price of solar panel, solar products exports to the EU to avoid may be imposed tariffs of up to 47.6%, a move likely to Taiwan's exports to the EU of solar products unfavorable turn weaken the expected effects and the impact of a single solar supply chain vendors.

But there are also industry that malicious trade war is not good for everyone, especially the two sides set a reserve price on the solar industry structure is good, can avoid unfair competition from the mainland, together with the U.S. and Japanese markets on the rise, so the second half of the outlook remains optimistic.

EnergyTrend survey by Taiwan solar cells compared with the first half of last year still maintained growth, shipments reach 3.2 gigawatts (GW), growth rate of 6.7%, mainly benefited from EU "double reverse" policy, Taiwanese battery manufacturers will undoubtedly the beneficiaries.

Taiwan's monocrystalline solar cell shipments account for about half of this year, 16% of the top three Motech, Yu Jing, about half of the new Daylight 65% of all units shipped.

EnergyTrend said, Taiwan's exports during the first half of the cells are mainly sold to mainland China, Europe, Japan, the United States and South Korea, sales ratios were 40%, 17%, 12%, 6% and 4%. Exported to the mainland rate up to 40%, mainly because China solar module plant affected by the double reverse, Taiwan factory battery needs improvement.
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