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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

PV inverters Sputnik Engineering Experts proposed layoffs

PV inverter SolarMax its brand and well known Swiss Sputnik Engineering SMA Solar is keeping pace, moved out of Europe, as well as the market becomes increasingly global PV industry, restructuring its business.

The company said its discussions with the staff at its headquarters in Biel, Switzerland for possible layoffs. Now about three hundred employees from its current level of layoffs sixty to seventy people.

Sputnik Engineering is planning the company's comprehensive restructuring and re-orientation, but offers very little adjustment related content.

CEO Christoph von Bergen PV Tech accepted by e-mail interview, said: "The worldwide photovoltaic industry is facing tough times. Given the changing regulatory and market conditions, political, Sputnik Engineering has decided to intervene in a timely manner and reorganization to focus on The key capabilities and will be well positioned for future challenges. "

Von Bergen admitted that the PV inverter market will also experience the consolidation phase, but I believe that the company can become a major player in the industry's future growth.

von Bergen added: "SolarMax still believe that this is part of the consolidation process, the PV market will continue to grow on a global scale. SolarMax PV aims to further participate in global expansion, continue to assess new international market development potential."

The company noted that it can not provide further information about the restructuring, but the mandatory consultations with its staff
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