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Zhejiang Haiyan electric grid investment billion yuan of new way of energy saving and emission reduction

Solar photovoltaic power generation system power supply

It is understood, Haiyan smart grid construction will use solar photovoltaic power generation system has been the Beijing Olympic Stadium the bird's nest first adopted for the first time, the total installed capacity of 1.5 kilowatts, the system consists of the sun power R & D grid connected inverter, wind generator, wind machine electronic load controller, wind power grid connected inverter and prepayment two-way smart meters are composed of wind power generation system, into a 220 volt AC by grid inverter, then supply the family, after the completion of the project, an annual power inverter of about 1800 kwh.

According to the construction plan, the county Jiajie Tong Yuan Zhen Han Qiao Cun in the smart grid pilot project plan, 100000 yuan. Statistical report shows, at present Zhejiang Haiyan County has 130000 residents, if 30% of residents to install this device, the highest for the salt peak power 40000 kW, and the energy-saving emission reduction, protect environment effect will also be very great.

Grasping Investment: Investment 100000000 transformation of agricultural comprehensive variable "rod" transfer of land will be grain

Zhejiang Haiyan County is an area of only 534.74 square kilometers, a population of only 360000 small county. The county more than 800 transformers are placed on the power distribution room, this kind of rural comprehensive variable covering more, not only a waste of land, to the transformer ventilation adverse. Therefore, the power supply bureau of this county to actively explore the use of "land law" in the energy-saving emission reduction activities, flexible combination of new rural construction, actively raise funds 100000000 yuan investment in agricultural comprehensive renovation project, transformer.

Originally each make a room about 30 square meters, will now be pulled out to supply power transformer in the bar, the mechanized farming area of variable directly installed in the door type pole, covers an area of less than 2 square meters, only people in front of the 1/15, so that each area to save the land of 28 square meters in the county, 800 to a transformer room, each district 28 square metres of total savings, savings of about 23000 square meters, 666 square metres per mu, 30 mu of land can be saved. This approach has important practical significance in the power equipment installation in saving land.

Implementation: the mandatory elimination of high energy consumption 177 transformers

Zhejiang Haiyan the original 177 S7 high energy consumption of public transformers, according to the national energy saving files, are eliminated mandatory product. The SUNGOLDPOWER product has high noise, pollution, great energy loss and other serious defects. The Bureau for 3 months to replace all S7 all high-energy public transformer, with practical actions to promote the Haiyan energy-saving emission reduction activities, good energy-saving emission reduction first soldiers.

It is reported, the energy consumption in public transformer forced out, new investment 177 a number of amorphous alloy distribution transformer energy saving type, not only can improve the voltage quality and power supply reliability, but also has the advantages of no pollution, energy saving and obvious. Each year is expected to save 1000000 kwh of electricity, equivalent to 320 tons of standard coal.
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