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European Photovoltaic negotiations insider: price guarantee and there are two hurdle

European Photovoltaic suspense drama has come to an end the dispute, but subsequent implementation of the outcome of negotiations, may be greater than currently open to more complex over the "calculating."

On Saturday July 27, China and the EU announced on the same day, the two sides reached a trade dispute PV solutions. EU's position were released in good faith, to stop this unprecedented trade friction and then upgrade. Just two months ago, which is the world's important economic and trade partner, also triggered widespread trade war edges.

Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang this result as a "price promise fulfilled" and said the Chinese side "appreciated and welcomed." EU Trade Commissioner De Gucht said, "We found a friendly solution."

As of now, both sides did not disclose further price guarantee and solutions in detail. External stakeholders, it can only be learned from media reports sporadic information: price guarantee 55-57 euro cents per watt between may 56 euro cents per watt. The entire solution, did not elaborate.

Wait until the local time on July 29 Japan Monday, De Gucht European Commission in Brussels to attend the only day when a news conference, with seven minutes before a brief description of the "solutions" main principles.

A time when the European summer break, De Gucht is clearly not the same as other EU officials go on vacation. However, when he took the stage, seemed relieved exceptionally easy; also told reporters joked: "I thought you also have to go on vacation."

De Gucht said he agreed EU solution is "satisfactory", although a trade association said "unsatisfactory," but he "did not agree."

Last Saturday, had initiated anti-dumping complaint of the European cheap solar panels Industry Association EU ProSun audible through the media, said that even if the price reached in accordance with the present commitments, Chinese products to enter the European market continues to constitute dumping. EU ProSun also threatened to report to the European Court of Justice, overturned the agreement.

The "De Gucht version" European Photovoltaic dispute resolution, far from relying solely on "price promise" so simple, actually includes three aspects: price guarantee, quantity control, and product limitations; same time, these three trade The role of remedies, both progressive layers, and cross each other.

Commitment in terms of price, the "voluntary" join this program Chinese PV products exporters, by promising the lowest export prices, so as not to go to an average of 47.6% of the provisional anti-dumping duties. Not joined this scheme exporters to export to Europe, you need to pay this punitive tariffs.

De Gucht said, volunteered to join the Chinese PV companies this scheme exporters, China accounts for about 70% of all similar exporters; did not join about 30%.

Quantity control, is that 70 percent participate in the "price guarantee" program Chinese exporters to face a second hurdle: the annual exports to the EU products subject to a cap constraints. Exceeds the upper limit of the exporters, will be an average of 47.6 percent levy tariffs.

Reuters reported on the 27th that if Chinese exports to the EU in 2012 15,000 megawatts of solar panel products calculation, about half of which 07,000 MW can avoid punitive tariffs.

Finally, the third important limitation is coupled from the perspective of industry chain code, that product limitations. PV industry chain, the EU itself can not self-sufficient product, we can by the Chinese products to the "price guarantee" means export, complement market demand; while the EU is self-sufficient product, you need to compete with the global product, but also by additional Protection: Chinese products will be an average of 47.6 percent levy tariffs.
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