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Villagers were using solar ponds Chenzhou Tobacco

Jiahe County village of New longtanzhen shrimp two "Solar + air," tobacco room, not only energy saving, but also advanced technology, baked tobacco quality, July 22, reporters are attracted to explore what happens.

We came to the village party secretary Wang Shiping leading edge of the cluster-type tobacco curing room visit. Accompanied by the town government union president Li Jianbin, said: "This year, the town of tobacco 3527 acres, the new 80 modern tobacco curing room, where more than 1,000 acres of tobacco village ponds, the new 20 Tobacco room, and another two Li pilot building 'Solar + air' tobacco house. "under the guidance of the Wang Shiping, reporters came right solar cluster barn barn before. Open the door, while rich aroma nostrils. I saw the room of tobacco hatchback, down three levers covered with a golden, fragrant tobacco. Wang Shiping removed from the shelf a leaf, we all looked around carefully review the past. Reporters from the ground to pick up two golden tobacco stems detached tobacco and asked: "This tobacco should hit C2f fineness grade it?" Wang Shiping cheerfully said: "You look good Well, the smoke level can play C2f , more than 11 yuan per catty. "

Town cadres Dengxiong Fei said: "The solar power inverter at the top of installed solar absorber plate, through the collector chamber chamber and flue-cured tobacco, tobacco required to provide supplemental heat." He gave reporters calculations: the same is loaded 390 per barn Rod smoke (2 acres of tobacco), producing 600 kilos dry smoke, cluster 'Coal + Electric' barn needs 8 days, coal 1000 kilos, namely 500 yuan, 100 yuan electricity, a total of 600 yuan, but also people waiting the regulation of temperature; solar barn as long as five days, need electricity 700 degrees, agriculture electricity is 0.49 yuan / kWh, only 343 yuan electricity, can save 257 yuan. And leaves turn yellow, humidity and constant color, dry tendons, and other baking stage full computer control, saving more than 40% of the cost and labor.

This year, the multi-party committee and government longtanzhen financing 300,000 yuan, the new three transformers, high voltage lines erected 5000 meters, to solve difficulties farmers produce electricity. Town party secretary Li Jianjun depth line for the tobacco growers coordination electricity matters, the town government to advance 20,000 yuan electricity is kind of big tobacco tobacco consumption to solve immediate problems. Farmers Wang Chaosheng smiled and told reporters: "I am kind of tobacco 16 acres, yield 350 pounds or more, the average price of 10 yuan / kg, gross income of 3500 yuan, after deducting production costs 1,300 yuan, net profit of 2,200 yuan, 16 Shouru about 3.5 million. And now as long as the tobacco and sent here to tie on the line, a person responsible for baking, we only afford some of the baking electricity, much easier than ever before! "

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