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Acquisition of First Solar First Solar thin-film cadmium telluride GE IP

General Electric Company (GE) has decided to cancel enhance its Aurora, Colorado, cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin film business plans instead to CdTe leader First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR) sale of intellectual property portfolio. First Solar recently issued 175 million common shares as part of the deal, while General Electric will hold the shares of at least three years.

As part of the transaction, GE Global Research Center (GE Global Research) will next CdTe solar energy technology development and First Solar and commercial aspects of teamwork, including the future of the global photovoltaic power stations GE procurement and branding First Solar components.

Cooperation will also include power station equipment, such as photovoltaic central power inverter, controllers, power facilities, and ownership of utility scale systems.

First Solar CEO Jim Hughes (Jim Hughes) said: "We are taking advantage of the agreement to create an exciting synergy. Joined GE's thin film PV technology and research and development resources to advance our technology roadmap, while In our manufacturing process to achieve cost reductions. "

GE renewable energy business, President and CEO Anne Mai Kendi (Anne McEntee) said: "To lead the solar industry today, you have the most competitive cost advantage has the most competitive technologies and we are very pleased to collaborate with First Solar to accelerate innovation, and through its manufacturing capacity to put our complementary technology and R & D to market faster. "

A year ago General Electric regression module production business by suspending origin (Click for PV-Tech Earlier related reports), and re-focus on research and development in order to improve efficiency and reduce production cost components, in order to better communicate with First Solar, and many CIGS companies compete.

First Solar CEO Jim Hughes discuss second quarter financial results in opening remarks, said shares issued to General Electric led the SUNGOLDPOWER company to become one of the top ten shareholders.

Hughes also admitted, compared with First Solar conversion efficiency of 18.7% at present, General Electric recently made CdTe solar cells based on the development of better performance, conversion efficiency of 19.6%.

Latest News

In the conference call Q & A session, First Solar's management pointed out that GE is committed to a large order from a particular component of the company, and agreed to component price level in many years "stretched."

However, First Solar will increase its R & D spending $ 75 million to fit with GE's R & D cooperation, but noted that its until next year, probably in its annual Analyst Day, it may update its technology and production cost roadmap.

Management also acknowledged that GE's CdTe technology and processes are more expensive than their own, but had expected to achieve higher efficiency and therefore reduce the cost per watt. The company also said it expects some of the GE technology will be developed within the next two years into its commercial products.
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