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China and the international echo reduction

Third time this year the United Nations climate change negotiations in Bonn, Germany, nearly 190 countries, more than 4,500 representatives to participate in the negotiations for the end of the year, held in Cancun, Mexico, the United Nations Climate Change Conference to prepare. In developed countries, specific emission reduction targets and the "Kyoto Protocol" on core issues such as the existence, still reluctant to undertake their historical responsibility, legal responsibility, negotiation outlook is not optimistic. This is with China to actively promote global emission reduction and climate change negotiations, in stark contrast.

In their own emission reduction, China's per unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions and level of the rate of decline has been in the forefront in the world. 1990 to 2007, global carbon dioxide emissions per unit of output fell by an average of 15.4%, the United States dropped by 27 percent, an average decrease of 22% in developed countries, developing countries fell by an average 10.2 percent, China decreased by 49.2%. China's new energy development has made four world first: the world's installed capacity of hydropower, solar water heater using the scale in the world, the world's first nuclear power construction scale, the world's first wind power capacity growth.

Reduction commitments in the future, the Chinese promised to 2020 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP levels than in 2005 dropped 40% -45%. Historical process of industrialization in developed countries, no country in 15 years to achieve such a high intensity emission reductions.

Actively promoting the global emission reduction and climate change negotiations, China has signed the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects global emissions accounted for 48.35%, ranking first in the world; Chinese solar panel and wind power equipment exports volume, also located in the international forefront, these have made a considerable contribution to global emissions reductions.

Western countries recently touted China "known as" the world's largest energy consumer and has become the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. In fact, China is the world's most populous country in the midst of rapid industrialization and urbanization development stage, requires a lot of energy and carbon stock accumulation, such as roads, railways, urban infrastructure and residential construction, while developed countries have been completed this process. China's per capita energy consumption and carbon emissions by supporting subsistence level of consumption is just. Most of China's carbon emissions just to meet basic needs, in terms of economic development, improving people's lives or from the perspective of energy consumption continues to increase is understandable. Even really soon become the world's first energy consumer, China's per capita energy consumption is still far lower than developed countries.

In addition, China in the international industrial transfer as the world's factory, in China, the solarpanelcellonline products are carbon emissions connotation, and not for the Chinese consumer, but exports to the already high per capita carbon emissions in developed countries consume. It should be noted that it is.

The current climate change negotiations in order to achieve results, the developed countries should face their historical responsibility in reducing emissions, legal responsibility and moral responsibility, should take the lead in deep cuts in emissions by 2020 to 1990 on the basis of at least emissions 40%. Below this target will hinder global climate change negotiation process.
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