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Upgrade industry should pay attention "Modern Apprenticeship" Vocational Education

Workshop into a new Yurui Jing solar cell production lines, machines roaring, the 24-year-old apprentice Yanli are glued panels in English, she can skillfully in order to switch between hundreds of English, the quality of the solar cells control. Enterprise is designated a special "old master" Baoqiang from last December, is responsible for one on one to teach skills learned.

The depth of school-enterprise cooperation, the participants who are also "vocational students," "factory Apprentice" double identity "work-study" Xinyu vocational education model is an attempt Modern Apprenticeship. Xinyu City, since 2011 the Ministry of Education as a "Modern Apprenticeship" pilot region So far, five vocational schools, more than 10 enterprises to participate in co-cultivated more than 260 modern apprentices.

Xinyu City Education Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Education Research Institute study concluded that the so-called Modern Apprenticeship, first with the traditional apprenticeship system similar to the practice-oriented process of subtle words and deeds and personalized sentiment, respect for tradition. But with the traditional apprenticeship system and different aspects of school education in the "modern apprenticeship system" plays a crucial role in training skilled workers are in compliance with bulk industrial production needs, their training methods also learn from the experience of pure engineering alternately, both theory and practice, training objectives of skilled workers from pure culture to foster the development of theory and practice of highly skilled personnel.

Jiangxi Vocational College of Mechanical and Electrical Solar Technology Department, die every printing and CAD expert Wang said, the school has highly motivated to participate in Modern Apprenticeships. First, with production workshops, training schools to solve the hardware limitations, the school received training venues , the students learned practical skills, improve the quality of education and employment rate; Second, this model with the world trend of development of vocational education, but also for the development of the real economy dominated by manufacturing power reserve of human capital provides a valuable experience. In recent years, the British developed a plan to revive apprenticeship, Germany, Switzerland has also been strengthened improve the modern apprenticeship system.

Modern Apprenticeship generally welcomed by the students. Jiangxi Vocational College of Chemical Technology solarpanelcellonline Solar Power Professional Hua Zhiqiang, said he was "the first person to eat crabs." He said that through long practice in the factory, learned a lot of books "is not clear enough to see how "knowledge, but have not yet graduated already gained work experience and public company Gan Feng lithium Paul at the end working.

- Short-term interests and more difficult to reflect the corporate passive participation

Although most schools and businesses have expressed a strong willingness to participate in and promote modern apprenticeship system, but some companies charge also admits that, at this stage of their participation was more passive, as is also facing a lot of problems:

Corporate costs. 2011 River Desiree crystalline solar company as a first batch of pilot enterprises in Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College Solar Modern Apprenticeship training agreement signed since, has trained more than 100 apprentices. Company human resources manager, said Liu Yi, this process companies to increase a lot of burden, the need to bear responsibility for apprentices security risks. Another PV companies responsible person in the industry downturn is even more difficult to adhere to agreements, difficulties in the industry in recent years, they have had completely stopped the work.

Apprenticeship turnover rate. Popular with some local Weipei different forms, Modern Apprenticeship is not mandatory, students can freely chosen after the training. Xinyu in higher vocational institutions in more than 90% of students are foreign students after graduation to return home or to the southeast coast of multiple jobs. Liu Yi said, "corporate culture apprentice two years ago almost all leave. Therefore pay the cost of training apprentices individual enterprises, but after it was 'doing for others awake', must have the participation of the entire industry to form a virtuous circle. "

Level of vocational education varies greatly. Chinese Vocational Education Association data show that there are nearly 20,000 vocational schools, vocational schools, but in full compliance with the standard is only 104 schools, some school's quality is worrying. Some business executives say that most vocational schools teaching lags behind the pace of technological change, the quality and standards of vocational education is difficult to meet the practical needs of the industry. Evaluation of vocational schools to take is to examine teacher qualifications, such as inspection papers published research university approach. Business and industry are unable to participate in vocational education evaluation system.

Xinyu City is also continuing to explore the modern apprenticeship scheme effective forms. Beginning this year, the local plan in Xinyu Vocational and Technical College and other new energy pilot schools to introduce the idea of sponsoring group. That school as a leader in industry associations as a link, together with some enterprises and research institutes to set up a Modern Apprenticeship Training Group, in order to achieve internal resource facility. Liao Chunrong, Xinyu City, Deputy Secretary for Education, said: "From 'looks beautiful' to ' really beautiful 'the road is still long, but the development of modern apprenticeship system to meet future trends in vocational education reform, Xinyu also need to continuously learn, first try first. "
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