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EU announced on Chinese solar panels temporarily imposed provisional countervailing duties

The European Commission said it would continue to target Chinese solar panels countervailing investigation, but has decided not to impose provisional duties.

After six weeks of intensive negotiations, China and the EU have been resolved at the end of July the largest trade dispute between the parties, the agreement will regulate imports of Chinese solar panels to avoid ignite a wider trade war.

While conducting anti-dumping investigations, the EU executive body in November last year, also China's solar panel, cells and wafers initiated countervailing duty investigations, and since then have nine months to decide whether to impose countervailing duties.

The European Commission announced the temporary tariff measures are not taken, but it must Dec. 5 to decide whether imposition of definitive countervailing duties.

The European Commission said in a statement: "The survey will continue, but do not take provisional measures, the Commission will continue to work actively expand these cases, before the end of the year in order to draw final conclusions."

The European Commission said that it does not impose provisional countervailing duty decision does not affect the December final stage of any subsequent ruling, this decision before its consultation with stakeholders.

Late last month, the EU trade commissioner, and Chinese leaders agreed to terms of solar panels from China to set a minimum price.

European solarpanelcellonline solar panel manufacturer accusing China to benefit from the huge state subsidies to enable them to price below cost dumping in Europe worth about 21 billion euros of solar panels.

EU originally planned Aug. 6 its high tariffs, but because of fear of angering the Chinese leaders, lost in the world's second largest economy, business, led by Germany, most EU governments oppose the plan.

Europe is China's most important trading partner, while the EU, China is second only to America's trading partners. In 2012, Chinese exports to the EU of goods reached 290 billion euros the total value of the EU's exports to China amounted to 144 billion euros.
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