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LED solar lawn composition and dominant

Solar Lawn main use solar energy to work, when the day sunlight on the solar cell, the light energy into electrical energy stored in batteries, and then in the evening for the lawn by the battery LED (light emitting diode ) to provide power. Its advantages are mainly security, energy saving, convenient, and environmental protection. For residential community beautification lighting decorative green grass, park landscaping lawn ornament.

LED solar lawn structures:

By the solar modules (photovoltaic panels), super bright LED lights (light source), maintenance-free rechargeable battery, automatic control circuit, lighting and other components.

LED solar lawn of the system consists of:

Solar lawn boost IC, can automatically switch charging and discharging behavior, when solar charging panels during the day when the sun sensor, automatically switch to turn off the lights into the charging state, when darkness fell less than a solar charging panels when the sun sensor, automatically switch to enter the battery discharge state to open? lights. Solar lawn boost IC, 1.5 volt rechargeable battery output voltage to 3.6 volts.

A circuit board with an IC should be the 5th rechargeable battery can drive one - seven LED light-emitting diodes; several sets of circuit board IC so; solar lawn lamp controller integrated circuits as well as some side elements, primarily features include charging circuit, a drive circuit, the pulse width modulation control circuit and a photosensitive circuit. The controller has a high conversion efficiency: 80 ~ 85% (typical value), you can reduce the power requirements of the solar cell panel version; Low? Dynamic voltage: 0.9V (max); adjustable output current characteristics.

LED solar lawn light advantages:

At present, most lawn use LED as a light source, LED long life can reach 100,000 hours or more, low voltage, very suitable for application in solar lawn lights on. LED technology has been especially? Its key breakthrough, and its properties in the past five years has greatly improved its cost performance has greatly improved. In addition, LED by a low voltage DC power supply, its low cost and light control, so adjust the brightness, frequent switches are possible, and will not adversely affect the performance of LED. You can also easily control? Color changing light points?, Generate dynamic mirage, so it is particularly applicable in the solar lawn light on.

Solar lawn light and power system design unique advantages as solar lawn light, rapid development in recent years. Lawn small power, mainly for the purpose of decoration, high requirements for mobility, laying difficult circuit, venue for the high water requirements. These make the solar powered lawn show many unprecedented advantages.
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