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Photovoltaic power plant is also a "chain" of ordinary families can purchase and install

The last two months of hot days so many families in electricity surge in Suzhou, a science and technology enterprise launched solarpanelcellonline solar PV power plant is expected to allow self-generating outlets into the real homes.

Labor in the urban roadside, a very special shop opened today, it sells products turned out to be some sounds from the living distant solar photovoltaic power plants.

Enterprise CTO Tangqiu Wen said: "To be a 3000-watt power plant, probably 20 square meters; electricity, then one day, then, like this day, you can send to 15 degrees, with an average year (daily) can also be sent to 10 degrees above. "

It is understood that this product can be placed on the roof. In the past, to build photovoltaic power plants, require the user to find manufacturers, the purchase of equipment assembly, now this enterprise will plan, design, installation and future grid to package sales, while the user from the application of a large area of the villa generation system , the average family uses micro-systems can be fast service.

Reporter Xiang Aerospace, said: "As a result of standard components manufacturing and assembly processes, this grid power stations, in fact, has entered ordinary families as possible. Beside me is the current minimum, the cost of 3,000 yuan micro-grid power stations, which can be used in balconies and awnings. It consists of three solar panels cost and an inverter composed; daily amount of power in a degree or so, to meet ordinary family day basic lighting needs. "

In addition, this family-style photovoltaic power plant and network interface is also designed, once the national grid and start accepting personal self-generation networks, individual power plants can achieve profitability. Preliminary estimates, the investment 25,000 yuan per year yields up to 20% or more, the cost can be recovered within five years. The companies said that precisely because the existing technology has gradually matured, they will also be the world's first chain store in the way, like to sell common household appliances, like the promotion of domestic photovoltaic power plants.

Corporate general manager Qu Lei said: "We feel, like solar water heaters, how it developed. One of the reasons, it directly into the store, directly into the market, I think we as an attempt, we feel this way, it should be is correct; within two to three years, basically every province in the country, focusing on urban distribution. "
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