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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Its 360 TS-SV SolarMax central inverter PV power plant to improve flexibility

Launched its SputnikEngineeringAG SolarMax 360TS-SV central power inverter and TS-SV centralized power plants with a rated 720kW rated output power, is designed for large-scale photovoltaic power plant design cost-saving solutions. 360TS-SV products in accordance with EU standards with 97.4% efficiency.

With higher rated output power of the central inverter, it means that the PV power plant design and operating side can reduce the number of base stations using the inverter, thereby reducing overall costs.

SolarMax 360TS-SV's central inverter improved minimum input voltage and having a greater output voltage so than the high 330TS-SV inverter rated voltage of 30kW. Both products are available through 360TS-SV-saving, economical way to install, and by using the new TS-SV centralized power plants to achieve on-site installation, and compared with the traditional centralized power plants, dramatically reducing the quality of its own. In this specification the next, 720TS-SV centralized power plants to achieve the rated output power of 720kW. However, the plant also has the specifications 660TS-SV centralized plant, equipped with two 330TS-SV dc ac converter rated power 660kW. TS-SV Series modular design can be realized by super-controller and the operating unit (overall control unit) for up to four inverters or 1.44MW device control. 360TS-SV products include three power units (each are 120kW), and with a single MPP tracker (with a partial load optimization, and fault management in a single MPPT) operation, or in connection with three separate MPP trackers ( Multiple MPPT) with operation. The former applies to homogenous module array and limited shelter photovoltaic power plants. If the station with different types of surfaces or solar power plant is partially obscured, multiplet MPPT operation of the three tracking devices can optimize the yield.
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