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Ways to improve the efficiency of organic solar cells Exploration

British and American scientists conducted studies have found together, so that electrons within organic solar cells using specific way, "spin", is expected to substantially increase the organic photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells, the latest technology can also be used to develop higher-performance organic light-emitting diodes. Research published in "Nature" magazine.

Organic solar cell simulation of plant photosynthesis to work, and its slim, lightweight and flexible, you can also print out like a newspaper, with the current widespread use of silicon-based solar cells, the manufacturing process is more rapid and less costly. But its highest photoelectric conversion rate of 12% conversion efficiency can not compete with up to 20-25% so more commercial advantage comparable silicon solar cells.

Now, the University of Cambridge and the University of Washington scientists work conducted study found that organic solar cells by way of electron spin manipulation can significantly improve its performance, help scientists developed a low-cost and high-performance organic solar batteries.

Previously scientists organic solar cell manufacturers performance within the different electronic puzzled, I hope to clarify why some electronic performance will be surprisingly good, while some electronic performance is unsatisfactory. To this end, the University of Cambridge's Cavendish Laboratory scientists developed a sensitive laser technology to track the organic solar cell behavior and interactions of electrons. They were surprised to find that the "culprit" is the electron has a spin of the quantum properties.

Particle has a spin angular momentum and its related properties. Electron spin has two ways: up or down. By a "recombination" process, the solar cell in the electron energy will lose its own, into a completely empty called "hole" state. The researchers found that the use of specific methods for electronic "spin" that can prevent energy loss and increase solar cell current.

The leader of the study, researchers at the Cavendish Laboratory Akshay Rao said: "Borrow this exciting research findings, we can take advantage of spin physics to improve the performance of solar cells, previously, we that this can not happen. using this approach the development of new materials and solar cells may soon be available. "

Researchers believe that this concept help scientists narrow organic solar cells and silicon solar cell conversion efficiency differences, in addition, higher performance is expected for the manufacture of organic light emitting diodes. Organic light emitting diode display technology is an ascendant, for the manufacture of mobile phones and more efficient use of television monitors.
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