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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Sixth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

By the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Sixth Division Xu Sheng was chief engineer for the head of the six divisions Wujiaqu Yangmiao Sen, deputy mayor, deputy head of the delegation to visit the easy special, solar photovoltaic systems on company products, SUNGOLDPOWER photovoltaic power generation projects, Smart micro-grid, energy power products and other new energy industry to conduct investigation and study. After listening to the chairman Professor He Simo power on the company and the new developments in the field of energy report, Xu Sheng was chief engineer of the company's highly developed product excellence.

"The formation of domestic and foreign research innovation team, leading high-end research platform to carry out in-depth research cooperation is easy special research and innovation in the development of a unique advantage, but also the company has sustained, rapid development of the main power source, ensure that the company fully product innovation. "He thought mold chairman explained that currently, the company developed the power and solar photovoltaic power generation system products have been in the Xinjiang region's electricity, finance, large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation project widely used in areas such as energy development division of the Sixth Corps use development to make a positive contribution.

Xu total workers in listening to the report, are also very grateful easy special technical equipment products in the strong support of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of new energy development and utilization, the company's R & D capabilities, management ability, the pace of development, product application effect, also are given a highly praised and praised the company's opportunity to develop strategic emerging industries, and the market prospect is broad. Meanwhile, Xu workers to whom the communication is still thinking mode, chairman of the Xinjiang region described in detail energy development. He said that Xinjiang land rich in resources, deserts, vast desert area, very good natural conditions of light and heat, light utilization efficiency, the development of solar photovoltaic, wind and other energy industry a good place; while Xinjiang as a major national energy output , the West-East Pipeline an important source of electricity, and its task is very heavy. So, hoping easy special leading technology products, research teams, business management, and other areas, the development of Xinjiang's solar photovoltaic industry, smart grid industry for the Corps six divisions and Xinjiang, as well as other areas provide a lot of production and life liquidation, green, stable and reliable power.

He thought mold chairman also said that the exchange by the Corps conducted a preliminary investigation, that the development of new energy Xinjiang is a treasure, its solar, wind, coal resources are very rich, easy special developed by UPS, photovoltaic power inverter , smart grid, data centers and other products produced several series of technology, performance, quality, etc., can meet the Xinjiang region for new energy development and utilization.

After nearly an hour of exchanges, the two sides in the development of new energy industries, methodologies, strategies superior to reach a consensus.
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