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Roof construction in their own power stations, envy is not?

"One generation seventeen octaves, depending on the weather situation is somewhat volatile." Zhanghai Run from March of this year, began to busy their own photovoltaic power generation projects, August 19 grid finally succeeded, so that his family's hair photovoltaic panels electricity, in addition to their own use, but also sold to the national grid superfluous.

Zhanghai Run PV panels mounted on the roof of their own, on the block Power Supply Bureau also dedicated to his meter and other equipment installed, these days, he went to the roof every day and look how much electricity made yesterday 16:00, he deliberately looked under the meter: 158 degrees.

Zhanghai Run said, in fact, from August 17 afternoon and network testing, the test phase has started power generation, August 19 officially grid.

Zhanghai Run, said many residents went to his home to see the device, that investment income is not okay, however, because the final price of the acquisition of National Grid has not yet introduced, these residents are still waiting to see.

What kind of house?

1000 watts capacity needs roof area of 75,000 square meters, 2000 watts you need 15 square meters, for the present villas, townhouses, and other remote areas and rural single-family detached houses are more suitable for distributed SUNGOLDPOWER photovoltaic power generation projects, while the city's apartments roof area is limited, sharing problems facing households, and communities need to sign consent of all owners to apply. Find a construction unit for evaluation. Determine compliance installation conditions, the residents can go to apply for the electricity sector.

How long to recover the cost?

In Zhanghai Run home photovoltaic power plants, for example, his plant covers an area of 30 square meters, the installed capacity of 4 kW. Major equipment is a set of 16 solar panels and a grid tie inverter, the device life expectancy is 25 years, the investment is less than 30,000 yuan.

Accordance with the original equipment design and local illumination time, electricity 30 kwh per day in summer and winter 12 kwh, the annual electricity 6000 kwh can about their own consumption of about 1000 kwh, while the remaining 5,000 kwh electricity can be sold to the state grid, less than five years to recover the costs
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