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Technological shout in Dongguan CSG Solar business losses

Clouded in the solar Photovoltaic Panels industry in the context of the solar industry in Dongguan CSG saw a glimmer of hope. Since polysilicon production costs brought about by technical innovation , Dongguan CSG PV subsidiaries in the first half of the successful turnaround .

However, due to the industry downturn, CSG solar business as a whole is still a loss.

Decrease in cost of polysilicon refrain

Listed company CSG A recently released report half-year results . Data show that production and sales of solar glass products Dongguan CSG Solar Glass Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to Dongguan CSG Solar ) in the first half revenue reached 325 million yuan , net profit of 29.7 million yuan ; production and sales of solar cell and modules in Dongguan CSG PV Technology Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to Dongguan CSG PV ) in the first half revenue of about 409 million yuan , net profit of 25.091 million yuan . In addition, the glass deep processing Dongguan CSG Architectural Glass Co., Ltd. in the first half revenue of 359 million yuan , net profit of 47.55 million yuan .

Reporters learned from the first half of 2012 , in Dongguan CSG solar PV related business on a loss. Last year, the CSG Dongguan , Dongguan CSG PV and solar glass , respectively, a loss of 5.73 million yuan and 9.43 million yuan . And last year , the two companies expanded to 20.816 million yuan loss and 1.16 billion yuan.

For turn losses into profits , CSG said, this is mainly because the company conducted a comprehensive polysilicon production line technological transformation , dramatically reducing the cost of production and improve the competitiveness of their products . "The current renovation is nearly complete , Solar Division continues to improve the product , it is also actively explore the domestic market ." Wrote the report .

Currently , CSG has been formed from polysilicon to solar photovoltaic cell modules complete industrial chain . It is understood that CSG polysilicon production line transformation is expected to fully operational in the third quarter , when the annual production capacity will increase to 6000 tons . Since polysilicon production line using a cold hydrogenation technology, the cost of polysilicon from 25 U.S. dollars / kg down to 18 U.S. dollars / kg, reduced refrain market competitiveness greatly enhanced.

Reduce costs as the greatest hope for turnaround

Dongguan CSG Solar 's profitability and do not represent the whole industry trend. According to semi-annual reports, the first half of this year , the solar PV market is still hovering at the bottom , combined with the domestic solar products in Europe and America the "double reverse" survey , the solar industry resulted in a greater blow to the whole industry is still in a serious loss.

Indeed, while in Dongguan CSG solar industry became profitable , but overall CSG solar photovoltaic industry is still at a loss. The first half of this year , net of related transactions CSG PV industry sales income 468 million yuan after , up 45 million yuan to reduce losses , but still loss of 9.47 million yuan .

In this case , efforts to reduce the cost of solar energy industry has become a key breakthrough .

Previously, Dongguan CSG Solar Glass of an official told reporters that the plight of the entire solar PV industry overcapacity and mainly from the high cost of two aspects ; Meanwhile, the domestic solar PV industry to support efforts in Japan , compared to the German policy much smaller , " which led to competition in the solar industry more concentrated in the lower end, the manufacturers have stayed at relatively low levels of price war ."

According to the reporter , CSG polysilicon costs compared with other companies in the same industry , at a low level . GCL 's JZPTD industry has revealed that a responsible person , and now the cost of first-line business polysilicon 20-25 U.S. dollars / kg, and the industry is expected next year will return to $ 30 or even polysilicon / kg. CSG polysilicon production line transformation is complete, the polysilicon costs will be reduced to $ 18 / kg, better than the industry average.

Shanxi Securities in a research report that reduced losses CSG solar business in the first half , gross margin reached 13.14% , representing an increase of 16 percent, "Polysilicon technological implementation , with the capacity to improve cost reduction, solar energy business the second half is expected to achieve deficits . "
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