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Bay Area PV PV module manufacturers refuse to mainland enterprises price reduction request

According to industry sources in Taiwan, mainland China PV module manufacturers require Taiwan crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturers will reduce the price to mainland manufacturers offer levels. However, the Taiwanese manufacturer did not intend to accept this recommendation because the silver conductor paste (costs account for the total cost of solar cells 5-10%) costs have increased dramatically.

Industry sources said the Chinese tier solar cell manufacturers exporting to Europe photovoltaic cells offer 0.28-0.29 euros per watt range (0.37-0.39 U.S. dollars), between 5-7% is still lower than Taiwan counterparts. Based on this, the Chinese mainland manufacturers require Taiwan solar cell companies will reduce the price to the same level.

As international silver prices from July 2013 to $ 18 per ounce to $ 24 upgrade, suppliers have substantially increased silver conductor paste offer. If the lower offer, Taiwanese solar cell manufacturer profit margins will be significantly reduced.

In addition, the industry pointed out that Taiwan manufacturers most efficient solar cells and PID-Free (free of potential difference induced attenuation), performance is better than the mainland products. Therefore, higher offer reasonable.

Currently, Taiwan's solar cell manufacturers from the U.S. and Japanese markets growing orders for PV module manufacturers in mainland China dependent great as ever.
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