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New energy development for the power device market has brought new opportunities

Power semiconductors increasingly wide range of applications, devices for different applications have different requirements, which makes the vendor solutions for the industry began to move toward the road. International Rectifier (IR) Pan Dawei, vice president of sales for Asia Pacific said power devices and terminal application development needs are closely linked, in some specific application requires a specific technology to meet specific system requirements, IR will no longer develop can be applied solutions for all applications, whether for automotive transmission, solar power inverter, or processor power, etc., IR are tailor-made for these new devices industry in order to achieve optimal system efficiency and application results.

For example, in the electric vehicle market, as more and more car manufacturers will be hybrid vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV) into its product platform, so to automotive powertrain electronic progresses, aimed at promotion of electronic components to meet more stringent emission regulations and goals. Vehicle-specific power semiconductor devices and packages will help to achieve electronic transmission cost, size control, and improve system reliability.

Currently IR has developed a complete set of automotive high-power semiconductor platforms, including innovative automotive IGBT 600V platform (CooliRIGBT), the design for the electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) in a wide range of fast switching applications covering DC-DC converters, motor drivers and battery chargers. New devices can be the same with the MOSFET fast switching frequency, while the high current levels to provide higher frequencies. In addition, IR has also launched a series of meet customer demand for the automotive industry COOLiRFET MOSFET, can include electronic power steering (EPS), braking systems and other internal combustion engines (ICE) and micro-hybrid vehicle platforms, including large load applications provide a baseline on-resistance (Rds (on)); 22AEC-Q101 Series also provides low conduction losses and strong avalanche performance.

In order to be closer to the market, the actual needs of the customer to make a timely response, AOS erected in the global market starting from the device to the system-level engineer support team. Especially for the Chinese market, AOS in Shanghai has powerful application development center, engineers have extensive experience in the design, they are in the system designer and power semiconductors as a bridge between, according to the needs of the system power level to provide customers suitable solution. For example, suitable for solar inverters, industrial motor drives, power factor correction or appliance control, and meets the requirements of the domestic manufacturer of welding 600-1200V IGBT.
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