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Photovoltaic power plant efficiency improvement New Deal help families

"Now the power output of 3 kW of electricity per day , send 15 or so, in addition to home , I have delivered to the national electricity grid ; course, can also be insufficient to take power from the grid tie inverter ." Early autumn afternoon, the sun is very good, standing the roof of their own community , the provincial capital of North Jiao Mei Mingyuan school teacher pointing opposite is running the solar PV panels said happily , more importantly , the summer after school , the class of the addition of a children 's science class " practice base ."

June 5 this year , the capital 's first distributed power generation projects - Xinhua Zhong Qiang Community Mei Mingyuan home three kilowatts of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects , closing success and power generation . Since then, the original only in the local radio "circle" little known " plum teacher" , known to more people begin " consulting phone was ringing off the hook almost there Luquan , and Luan City , the Gaocheng , there are many city , and have expressed interest in self-generation . "

Reporters from the national grid power company Shijiazhuang learned that as of yesterday , the city installed a family of distributed photovoltaic power generation system , enterprises reached 15 , the installed capacity of 1.8 MW. Among them, eight projects for the installation of the general population , as well as some of the projects is being declared .

Deal six years to recover the cost

Many people are interested in self-generation of photovoltaic , but can not be ignored is that a lot of money upfront investment , are unconsciously " tripping " a lot of people aspire footsteps.

Reporters learned that the installation of distributed photovoltaic power generation system , the applicant would first need to buy PV modules , power inverter with charger , etc., plus the construction costs, an average of one kilowatt photovoltaic device installed will cost $ 10,000. A set of three kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation device , for example, according to the grid price 0.45 yuan per kWh , generating 10 degrees every day calculation, the annual income of less than 2,000 yuan ; 30,000 yuan initial investment , at least ten years to recover the cost, which This does not include may produce a variety of maintenance costs.

"Cost and benefits that affect the investment enthusiasm of the biggest factors ." State Grid Power Supply Company , Shijiazhuang customer marketing director Zhang Xiaobing representation . However, as recently distributed PV feed-in tariff scheme introduced, this issue will also be able to " ease ." " 0.42 yuan / kWh subsidy of the industry exciting than the previous draft of 0.35 yuan / kWh, increased by 20 %, with help to mobilize the enthusiasm of investors ." Insiders said so , or to a set of three kilowatts photovoltaic power generation device , for example, coupled with subsidies , about six years can recover the investment costs over the next 20 years , the stage is pure profit .
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