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Mysterious landmark wait Dalian Davos Jiemian Sha

International Conference Center is a green, environmentally friendly, intelligent integrated places in the entire conference center contains many latest technology concepts. For example, a position just above the Grand Theatre has 2,000 square meters of installed solar photovoltaic panels to meet the entire administrative area and the basement of the electricity. Automatically flips baffle buildings, building a large number of natural ventilation will reduce the mechanical ventilation of heating and cooling.

While the third floor public areas using geothermal heating in winter and summer use of water circulation cooling, air-conditioning facilities are not used all the freon, air conditioning pump sea water is the entire building green "core", with the use of solar cell, can make entire building energy about 10%. The air inside stairs blowout equipment will ensure a stable gas flow distribution. Because hot air rises, people rise to the heat ceilings, through the suction ventilation and heat dissipation. These design in the construction industry is the most advanced technology, fully embodies the green city of Dalian philosophy.

Dalian International Conference Center at the top with a large reflective panels, these golden reflectors can be as light irradiation angle automatically adjusts reflection, even in natural light not illuminated buildings north, such as the "global village" where the region can achieve natural lighting while aluminum honeycomb wall also has light effect in the international conference center in each public areas can feel the warmth of the sun, both to meet the lighting requirements, but also reduce energy consumption.

Grand Theatre designed by the German architectural acoustics company completed BBM, electronic acoustic design by the Chinese Ministry of Radio, Film and Television Institute featuring acoustic design. PA works by the headquarters in the audio industry well-known enterprises in Dalian Dalian Yesung Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. completed. Theater for the domestic first electronic variable reverberation theater system, the system can be in the building without changing the acoustic structure, changing building reverberation time, which can create a world famous concert hall or the Grand Theatre acoustics.To learn more please visit: http://www.solarpanelcellonline.com/

International Conference Center conference room with simultaneous interpretation facilities for up to achieve simultaneous interpretation in six languages. Conference room walls with sound-absorbing function, even in the opening concert the next room, where the room is also heard. The whole building fully taken into account in the design of the safety of the venue, outside the person can not see any point inside the case.
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