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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

IBM Power remodeling work Sunshine PV inverter brand

October 21, China's largest grid tie inverter manufacturer Hefei Sunlight Power Supply Co., Ltd. announced a strategic partnership with IBM, a clear future direction of development of corporate strategy and strategic positioning, and build up strategic operations to match the system, strengthen support for business development, will create the world's leading sun power for continued development potential. Company executives said, plans to use 3-5 years or so, the achievements in the renewable energy industry, global position. China Securities News has learned from authoritative way, the company will be the fastest in 2011 landed in China A-share market.

General Manager Cao Renxian Sunshine Power, said the company wants to use IBM's strategic planning the world's leading service capabilities and rich successful global practice, especially rich in new energy industry practice, improve operational capability to achieve rapid business growth. Sun power select IBM strategic cooperation, will further accelerate the pace of development of the globalization of sun power.

Public data shows, the sun is the largest power inverter manufacturer, inverter industry has only domestic core technology innovation, technology level in the domestic leading position. Sunshine Power products are now used in a number of major domestic projects, and has been sold in bulk Italy, Spain, Germany and other international markets.
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