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Miniature photovoltaic inverter certification through the National Certification and Accreditation Administration audit specification

August 19, 2013 , Beijing Certification Center 's " power inverter technical requirements and test methods" through the National Certification and Accreditation Administration of expert review . Review Conference of the National Energy Foundation and managed by the Technical Committee of Standardization of new energy and renewable energy sub-technical committee chaired by the national commission Technology and Standards Management Department, China Renewable Energy Society photovoltaic special committee , the National Quality Supervision and Inspection of solar photovoltaic products Center , China Three Gorges New Energy Company , China Merchants new Energy Holdings Limited , Rheinland testing and certification services ( China ) Co., Ltd. , Baoding Tianwei Electric Automation Co., Ltd. and other units of the North more than 20 experts attended the meeting.

Expert review concluded Certification Center 's " micro-inverter technical requirements and test methods" in line with national Certification and Accreditation Administration of authentication technology management practices required to provide the definition of micro inverters , structure, mechanical properties, electrical performance and safety and other aspects of technical requirements and test methods, content of scientific and reasonable , in line with the use of micro-inverter requirements . Review Group agreed that the certification by reviewing technical specifications , while giving a higher rating, that the certification specifications to fill the gap and improve the power inverter with charger product quality , standardize the market, the development of China's photovoltaic industry provides technical support.

The shadow of the solar cell module locally , for different tilt angle and orientation , dirt , different aging , small cracks as well as different temperature and different photovoltaic panels easily cause mismatches in the output system, the drawbacks of reduced efficiency , leading to overall output power greatly reduced. This is the focus of the inverter difficult problem to solve . To solve this problem , in recent years, a " micro- inverter" new structure , i.e. each solar module is equipped with micro- inverter, the output of each module through the power optimization , the overall maximum output power , even if some solar panels by shadows , dust cover , etc. impact of micro-inverter power optimizer can still track the optimal local MPP ( maximum power point ) , salvageable significant loss of generating capacity. Meanwhile , micro power optimizer input voltage / current is converted to a different output voltage / current to maximize energy transfer system .
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