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Our company is a joint-venture company, located in Shenzhen city of china, which is very near to Hongkong

Erdos ghost is said or enlarge

Shenhua completed 1 million tons / year of coal direct liquefaction demonstration project, making China become the world's only master the key technology megaton direct liquefaction project countries; Yitai Group developed China's first, with completely independent intellectual property rights of indirect coal Complete liquefaction technology, built the first 160,000 tons of liquefied coal oil indirect production line to fill the gap; Elion Resources Group adhere to industry sand of the road, 20 years Green Desert 5153 square kilometers, forming a desert ecological restoration, natural medicine industry, new materials, renewable energy and other desert ecological economy, become an internationally renowned ecological and economic giants.

Pillar two: to develop non-coal industry, with automakers based equipment manufacturing steadily. Huatai Automobile, Chery Automobile, BOE Group, a long time industry leader in wind power and a number of enterprises located in Ordos, China and Thailand cars and clean diesel engine and automatic transmission projects, Chery vehicles, heavy automobile refinement, ZTE special vehicles, coal machine of machines and other project is completed, PVC and deep processing, ceramics and building materials industry has developed rapidly.

Pillar three: Electronic Information,solarpanelcellonline solar photovoltaic and other emerging industries gaining momentum. Data have been introduced, including Shanghai Port, ZTE Group, Century Internet companies such as IDC, and wave, Kingdee, UF and many other software companies. The largest flat panel display manufacturers BOE Group invested 22 billion yuan of 5.5-generation AM-OLED production line has started construction, formed from the LED chip manufacturing, packaging and testing to the LED auto lamps, outdoor lamps and other lighting supplies a complete LED industry chain. State Power Jing Yang 3000 tons of polysilicon, Zhongsheng 700 MW photovoltaic polycrystalline silicon films, great source of 500 MW in monocrystalline solar cell and components of the project, the initial formation of the "polycrystalline silicon / silicon - silicon - Battery assembly - systems integration" PV industry chain.

More importantly, traction Erdos sustainable development "engine" has been formed. Clouds light that is Erdos high hopes high-tech zones, will follow the development of regional endless power.

After nearly 10 years of development, the technology research and development and results-based incubator, supporting the development of clean energy, new materials, bio-medicine and high-end equipment manufacturing as the industry position of the high-tech zones, has taken shape science incubator, Tsinghua carbon valley, clouds computing industry, high-tech expansion of four major parks, and built a four state-level R & D institutions, 17 regional-level research institutions, five academicians and experts workstations and four post-doctoral research station, and with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and other universities and research institutes to establish a cooperative relationship.

According to Mayor Lim Su Ordos City, the park introduced a total of more than 500 projects, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan; introduction of more than 100 high-tech achievements, promotion of 84 major scientific and technological achievements, gathering a large number of Shenhua industry leaders, including annual sales income of 10 billion yuan enterprises reached 16. In 2012, the park industrial output value 29 billion yuan, of which high-tech industrial output value of 18.7 billion yuan, is to promote the development of high-tech industries Erdos and technological innovation "engine."

Lian Su said that at present, the park has passed the Torch Center site assessment, is to declare the national high-tech industrial development zone. "If upgrade is successful, will greatly promote the restructuring and development of Ordos City, the speed and quality." Lim Su said..
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